Work Term Sequencing

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Once you've successfully completed your first co-op course, COPD01, you’ll be assigned a work term sequence. In order to graduate within 4 years, your sequence requires that you either work or study (assuming 2.5 credits per semester) every term until you graduate. Depending on your program, you’ll begin work after you complete 3, 4 or 5 study terms and will normally alternate with study terms until they’ve all been completed. Your sequence is specially constructed to always end on a study term. This not only gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned over your work term, but it also keeps us aligned with provincial regulations.

Once you receive your sequence, it’s best to plan the next few years of your degree in advance to meet all of your graduation requirements. Need some help with this? Your program advisor can provide valuable guidance and insight.

Dropping Courses & Work Term Sequence

Because each sequence has been designed to have you complete the program in 4 years, dropping a course may result in your work term -- and therefore potentially your graduation -- being delayed. Before you drop courses, it’s a good idea to discuss the impact with your Co-op Program Supervisor and Student Development Coordinator. it's also a good idea to review your work term prerequisites to confirm your eligibility.   

Deferred Exams & Work Term Sequence

If you defer an exam, your course load will be reduced in the following semester, which could result in delaying your work term sequence. Decisions to defer an exam should be discussed with Dallas Boyer, Manager of Operations so that you'll have a full grasp of the impact of the decision.  

Changing Your Work Term Sequence

While it’s expected that you follow the work term sequence laid out for you during COPD01, we understand that life can throw some curveballs and, due to extenuating circumstances, you may need to request adjustments.

Requests to change your sequence can be made when you enrolled in COPD03 or prior to beginning COPD11.  These requests are handled in April, August, and December when co-op prep course enrollment occurs.  

To arrange your appointment please visit the front desk at the Co-op Office.

8-month Work Terms

Currently, all work term sequences are arranged as a series of a 4 month work terms, but we’ve noticed that the employers are increasingly offering more 8-month opportunities. If you complete an 8-month work term, it will automatically count as two work terms and we’ll adjust your work term sequence accordingly.

12 – 16 Month Internships for Computer & Mathematical Science Students

If you're in Computer & Mathematical Science, you'll have the option to pursue a 12-16 month work term but must first complete a separate work term (4 or 8 months long, and not to exceed a total of 20 months on work term) before being eligible to seek 12-16 month opportunities. As such, 12 - 16 month work terms are reserved for 2nd and 3rd work term students.

After you've completed work with 3 different employers, you will no longer be permitted to enter the co-op job search cycle.

If changes to your work term sequence result in additional work terms being scheduled beyond the number that is usually sequenced for your program, please be sure to refer to the Fees & OSAP section of this site to get an understanding of the extra fees associated with additional work terms.


Possible Work Term Sequences

For students admitted to Co-op from high school

Computer & Mathematical Sciences
3 Work Terms

(year) Fall Winter Summer
1 COPD01 & Study COPD03 & Study COPD11 & Study
2 Work Term COPD12 & Study Work Term
3 COPD13 & Study Work Term Study
4 Study  Study Graduate

Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Psychology and Health Sciences
2 Work Terms

(year) Fall Winter Summer
1 Study COPD01 & Study Off
2 Study COPD03 & Study COPD11
3 Work Term COPD12 Work Term
4 Study  Study Graduate

Physical & Environmental Sciences
3 Work Terms

(year) Fall Winter Summer
1 COPD01 & Study Study COPD01 & Study
2 COPD11 & Study Work Term COPD12 & Study
3 Work Term COPD13 & Study Work Term
4 Study  Study Graduate