Irina D. Mihalache

Irina D. Mihalache
Associate Professor
Museum Studies

Irina D. Mihalache is Associate Professor of Museum Studies at the Faculty of
Information, University of Toronto, where she teaches courses in museum
interpretation, history of exhibitions and the material culture of food. Prof.
Mihalache researches how (and what) people eat in museums; the history of women’s
committees in art galleries in North America; and historic women’s magazines and
recipe competitions in Canada. On these topics, she wrote several articles and
chapters in food and museum studies journals and edited volumes. In 2016, she
co-edited the volume Food and Museums, the first to explore the depth of connections
between the two. In museum studies, her main area of interest is museum
interpretation and she is very interested in how collaborations with diverse
communities can shape the work of storytelling in museums. She has done
collaborative with the Toronto Ward Museum, the city’s new museum of migration;
Myseum of Toronto; Fort York; and community organization, such as the Harbord
Village Residence Association.
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