Jim MacLellan

Jim MacLellan
Environmental Studies Program Director
Environmental Studies

Dr. Jim MacLellan is a decision analyst who specializes in environmental issues.  He has an extensive background in ecology, sociology and management science (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD, RPF), with proficiency in an array of analytical techniques including optimization and heuristic modeling, as well as qualitative environmental assessment methods.  Jim founded the New Brunswick Climate Change Research Collaborative whose focus is on building\applying decision support systems for ecosystem management, and municipal infrastructure\asset management under a changing climate.  This work is supported through collaborative networks he has helped develop across eastern Canada, the United States, Nepal, and India.  Jim has contributed to various national initiatives focused on increasing the adaptive capacity of Canadians in the face of a changing climate. Work experience also includes developing emergency response systems for forest fire management, securities brokering within the Government of Canada bond market, and developing\applying reflexive analytical management systems for strategic academic planning at the University of Toronto.
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