Zeyuan Wang

Wang picking tea on mountainside on a sunny day. White shirt and with basket hanging off back. Woman in background also picking tea, wearing a large-brimmed white hat.
PhD Candidate
Division of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Zeyuan Wang has worked and researched in China, the U.S., India, Mexico, Armenia, Tanzania, Kenya, and several countries in Europe. He holds two MAs in Global Public Health Nutrition and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and a BA in Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Business Administration and Accounting.

His proposed doctoral dissertation project is to use the diffusion of innovation theory and mixed-method study to understand how modern formula marketing, communication channels, and traditional health beliefs affect breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices among rural Women in Palawan, the Philippines.

Zeyuan has a broad interest in food-related topics. He is a volunteer in the Task Force of Traditional and Indigenous Food Systems and Nutrition, gets involved in projects related to documenting traditional and Indigenous foods among ethnic minority (Indigenous) peoples in China, and helped the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization to translate “the White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous People’s Food Systems”. He also has a passion to use photos and documentaries to present food-related topics and now focusing on Otavalo, Ecuador and Xi’an, China.