Beginner & Intermediate French

Girl standing in front of the Eiffel Tower eating a baguette

Get a Taste of French!

Welcome to our intensive French Language courses! We hope to give you a solid basis for developing your language skills and acquiring a taste for French culture.

If you are taking a French course for the first time, please make sure you choose the course that corresponds to your level. To do so, please consult the table in “How to Choose the Right French Course” below. If you have a reason to think that your level is lower or higher than it should be according to the table, try the Preliminary Test above. If the recommendation is the same, enroll in the course. If not, at this stage, the decision is yours within one level up or down in relation to the course recommended in the table. In any case, do not worry: you will take a more detailed placement test on the first day of classes.