Co-op Option

Co-operative education is a unique program based on a partnership between the University of Toronto, the student, and the employer.

The Major (Co-op) Program in City Studies allows you to:

•    gain valuable work experience

•    identify a career path that best matches your interests and skills

•    apply theories and approaches you’ve learned in the classroom to real world problems

•    learn how to search for, apply for jobs, and get interviews

•    improve your interviewing skills and promote yourself to prospective employers

•    finance your education through paid work terms

•    explore career options and network with potential employers

•    gain a competitive edge when going out into the workforce after graduation

Practical work placements alternate with study terms. Work placements begin in January, May or September for 4 month work terms.

Please click here for more information on Co-operative education at UTSC.

Admissions Requirements

The minimum qualifications for entry are 4.0 credits, plus a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

Current Co-op Students:

Students admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt in their first year of study must request a Co-op Subject POSt on ACORN upon completion of 4.0 credits and must meet the minimum qualifications for entry as noted above.

Prospective Co-op Students:

In addition to requesting the program on ACORN, prospective Co-op students (i.e., those not yet admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt) must also submit a Co-op Supplementary Application Form, which is available from the Arts & Science Co-op Office.

Submission deadlines follow the Limited Enrolment Program Application Deadlines set by the Registrar's Office each year. Failure to submit both the Supplementary Application Form and the program request on ACORN will result in that student's application not being considered.