Professor Allahwala’s students team with grade 9 class to tackle Malvern community issues

grade 9 class students pointing at a map

Last year, UTSC’s City Studies program partnered with TAIBU, a health centre in Malvern community, and Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School’s grade 9 geography class to facilitate workshops for youth and develop research projects about problems facing Malvern community—an area that is home to new immigrants, racialized minorities, and low-income households.

The project provided teens with a platform to voice their concerns and develop problem-solving skills with issues that mattered to them and their community. The geography class presented their concerns, such as unsafe traffic near their highschool, to Councillor Raymond Cho (Ward 42). Professor Allahwala notes that some policy action is now taking place as a result of the research. “The ball is rolling”, says Professor Allahwala.

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Photo credit: UTSC Commons.