Professor Kepe praises Nelson Mandela’s life and impact

Professor Kepe on CTV News. Image Source CTV News

Professor Thembela Kepe shared insights on CTV News and CBC regarding Nelson Mandela's life, death, and funeral.

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Dr. Kepe asserted that despite the sadness associated with Mandela’s passing, this moment is also the time to “celebrate a life lived well”. Dr. Kepe acknowledged that current South African politicians need to continue the work that Nelson Mandela started. Watch the CTV News clip.


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Dr. Kepe also discussed on CBC the traditional and modern aspects of Nelson Mandela's funeral. Dr. Kepe talked about the symbolism behind the ceremonial gestures planned for the funeral service. For example, leopard skin will be draped over Nelson Mandela's coffin to recognize Mandela's authority as royalty. Watch the CBC feature.