Zachary Hyde

Zachary Hyde
Assistant Professor
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Building HL 530

I am an urban geographer and sociologist who studies city governance, housing and development. Across my research projects, I look at how the dynamics of capitalism play out on the ground through political struggles over the built environment, the meanings and ideas of social actors, and the histories and institutions of cities.

Teaching Interests

  • Urban Governance, Real Estate and Finance
  • Social Problems and the City
  • Urban and Social Theory

Research Interests

  • Urban Governance
  • Economic Geography and Sociology
  • Development and Housing
  • Culture
  • Theory
  • Qualitative Methods


Academic Publications:

Hyde, Zachary. 2020. “‘Ethical’ Gentrification as a Pre-emptive Strategy: Restaurants and Resistance in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,” in The Taste of Gentrification: Food, Power and Resistance in the City, edited by Alison Hope Alkon, Yuki Kato and Joshua Sbicca. New York City: New York University Press.

Hyde, Zachary. 2018. “Giving Back to Get Ahead: Altruism as a Developer Strategy of Accumulation Through Affordable Housing Policy in Toronto and Vancouver,” Geoforum (online ahead of print).

·       Winner, Student Paper Award, Community and Urban Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association (2019)

Gross, Neil and Zachary Hyde. 2017. “Norms and Mental Imagery,” Pp. 361-391 in Social Theory Now, edited by Claudio Benzecry, Monika Krause and Isaac Reed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Hyde, Zachary. 2014. “Omnivorous Gentrification: Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Change in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver,” City & Community 13(4): 341-359.

·       Winner, Student Paper Award, Consumers and Consumption Section of the American Sociological Association (2015)

Hanser, Amy and Zachary Hyde. 2014. “Foodies Remaking Cities,” Contexts 13(3): 44-49.

Public Scholarship:

Hyde, Zachary. 2020. “Vancouver’s Little Saigon Facing Gentrification,” The Tyee, January 29.

Hyde, Zachary. 2018. “From ‘Escaping Vancouver’ and YIMBYism to Fighting Back through Collective Action,” The Mainlander, October 13.


Hyde, Zachary. 2018. “The Dilemmas of Developer Funded Public Art: Art Washing and the Vancouver Mural Festival,” Spacing Magazine, Summer 2018, Issue 47.

Hyde, Zachary. 2018. “Foodies Gentrifying Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,” The Tyee, May 15.


Hyde, Zachary. 2017. “Gentrification as Symbolic Cannibalism: From ‘Fraserhood’ to Chinatown,” The Mainlander, March 6.

Hyde, Zachary. 2016. “Vancouver Mural Festival is Caught up in Gentrification,” The Mainlander, October 5.