The Care in Carrots September 22, 2022

September 22, 2022 @ UTSC

The care in carrots workshop held in September 2022 drew together crop biologists, environmental health experts, and urban and campus farm theorists to discuss the promise, potential and difficulties in doing participatory agroecology. 

The three talks, recorded and presented below, feature in (part 1) environmental scientists Marc Cadotte (UTSC) on the role of biodiversity in improving urban health; urban agriculture researcher Michael Classens (U of T) on campus farm activism as a wellspring of imagination for agroecology; and (part 2) Solveig Hanson (Cornell) and Rebecca Ivanoff (EFAO) on their experience with participatory crop breeding programs in the University and the field. 

Part 1: Prof. Marc Cadotte; Prof Michael Classens


Part 2: Dr. Solveig Hanson, Rebecca Ivanoff