Eighteen students nominated for 2022-23 Anita Fitzgerald Prize in Women's and Gender Studies

Congratulations to all of the nominees for the 2022-23 Anita Fitzgerald Prize in Women's and Gender Studies! This monetary prize is for the best written work (i.e.an essay or report) or project (i.e. in other media) by a University of Toronto Scarborough student written/created for a course assignment during the 2022-23 academic year. It must be on a topic related to Women's and Gender Studies such as (but not limited to) some aspect of gender, women's roles, activities and experiences, forms of expression, and/or the development and transmission of ideas and attitudes about women and/or gender, or the concerns and problems of women today or in the past. A list of all nominees is included below followed by some of creative projects that were nominated. 


Project Title




Ranique Holung

Quilted Diaries


Nabiha Said Rana

Dismantling Neurosexism in Mainstream Linguistics: Looking Past the Curtain of Feigned Scientific Objectivity


Sana Kohistani

Sano (2023): Reclaiming Agency and Redefining Empowerment through Artistic Expression (Self-Portrait & Artist Statement)


Robin Leung

Consumerism and Constructions of Femininity in Post-Socialist China




Francheska Beltran

To Be or Not to Be: The Art of Choosing in Moonlight and Pariah


Anais Shalita

Grace Nichols’ “The Fat Black Woman’s Poems”: The Body and Memory


Honorable mention


Tara Afshar-Zadeh

Histories and Legacies of Slavery, Colonialism, and Neo-Colonialism on Black Women in Canada


Olivia Ball

Taking Without Consent: The Woman’s Body as a Site of Control (Graphic Art & Artist Statement)


Jillian Anne Fairfax Brooks

Gender and Leadership: A Study of the Language of Coaches


Victoria Butler

No More (White) Tears Left to Cry: A Personal Narrative


Raiyana Khote

Women’s Advertising, Language, Gender and Heteronormativity


Gabriella Lewis-Providence

Overlapping Worlds: An Exploration of the Experiences of Black and Non-Black First-Generation Muslims in North America


Stephanie Li

Woman-Directed Rape-Revenge Films: How Jenkins’ Monster and Fargeat’s Revenge Use Character Transformations to Subvert the Male Gaze


Michelle Ramnaraine

Shedding Light onto the Diasporic Experiences of Indigenous Women


Katharine Schilling

The Politics of Sexuality from a Transnational Perspective


Andrea Renee Tsang

Parts  (Poem & Artist Statement)


Saira Uddin

India: The Partition That Never Came (A Graphic Short Story)


Pawarut Yanspraset

Exploring the Gendered Struggle of Nigerian Girls in Obtaining Education and the Role of Boarding Schools in Contemporary Nigeria (1980-2022)



I Want My Childhood Back 
By Sana Kohistani

Image of Sana Kohistani's creative project entitled "I Want My Childhood Back"

Taking Without Consent: The Woman’s Body as a Site of Control 
By Olivia Ball 

"Taking Without Consent: The Woman’s Body as a Site of Control" By Olivia Ball


A poem by Andrea Renee Tsang

Tainted and broken
I used to be golden

The hand that once touched the sky
Can't even lift a finger that high
Used to empower and aid 
Now seem like a kitchen maid
Tainted and broken
I used to be golden

The arms I used to embrace 
Now feel like a disgrace
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
I hope they can’t see me
Tainted and broken
I used to be golden

The legs that took me far and wide
They made me feel like I could fly
Two steps now and it feels like ten
I wish I could get away from him
Tainted and broken 
I used to be golden

The chest that people would compliment
Now just feels like a type of torment 
You use to degrade and reduce me
To some piece of your property 
Tainted and broken
I used to be golden

The words that used to say “I love you”
Now I only hear “I can’t stand you”
They cut through me like a knife
Don’t they know you stole my life

There were parts of me I used to adore
I guess nothing last forever anymore
I used to be yellow and golden
But now I'm tainted and broken