Historical and Cultural Studies Students Association (HCSSA)


The Historical and Cultural Studies Student Association (HCSSA) is a student organization created to assist students enrolled in the Historical and Cultural Studies Department at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  Its purpose is to enlighten students on the advantages of the discipline and act as a medium between students and faculty at the University. The HCSSA acts as a voice of the students to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the faculty by creating academic and non-academic activities to bridge the gap between students and faculty.

For more information please visit the HCSSA website: https://hcssa.weebly.com/

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Questions? Send them an email at hcssa.utsc@gmail.com





The Forum - Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies

Each year the HCSSA publishes The Forum, a multidisciplinary undergraduate journal for the social studies, which was created to address the relationship between humanities and social science approaches to the study of human society. This journal aims to foster a culture of discussion and collaboration among the social studies disciplines, and welcomes all approaches and methodologies. In addition, The Forum serves as a platform for the ideas of undergraduates to reach a broader audience, and as space for discussing local issues.

Submissions are welcome from all University of Toronto undergraduate students from any program at any campus so long as their submission relates to the study of human society.

​Read the previous volumes below and check out our website to learn more about The Forum and stay up-to-date on calls for submissions and getting involved with the editorial team!

The Forum Poster
The Forum Cover