“Take up more space and dream bigger” says #UofTQO feature guest Adam Garnet Jones

Tuesday, September 25 - 2018
When award-winning writer and filmmaker Adam Garnet Jones first considered writing a feature-length project in the early 2000s, no movies or books reflected his lived experiences. No major films or…

Student journalist brings commuter woes to TV audience

Tuesday, September 25 - 2018
The week before starting an internship at CityNews, Bobby Hristova’s car broke down. Seven weeks later, the joint journalism student turned his bad luck into a segment on provincial TV.

This volunteer initiative aims to improve access to local health care in developing countries

Monday, September 24 - 2018
It was while helping care for a toddler with a respiratory-tract infection in a rural Dominican village that Matthew Metcalfe immediately recognized the importance of providing health care to those…

U of T to take significant steps to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in research activities

Friday, September 21 - 2018
The University of Toronto’s division of research and innovation will take important steps to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in research activities across Canada’s largest post-secondary…

Student start-up that turns food waste into high quality bio-plastic eyes next phase of growth

Friday, September 21 - 2018
Luna Yu is passionate about not wasting food. “I was taught at an early age by my grandparents never to waste food since it was throwing away the hard work of farmers and food producers,” says Yu,…

U of T Scarborough students making carpooling easy with app

Thursday, September 20 - 2018
During his first year at U of T Scarborough, Peter Meng regularly spent $40 on gas driving to visit his girlfriend in Waterloo. Frustrated, he discovered a network of Facebook groups where thousands…

Meet our newest game-changers: UTSC's 2018 Pearson Scholars

Wednesday, September 19 - 2018
The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships awards outstanding international students – including those attending Canadian high schools – full scholarships to U of T. In addition to…

Restoring UTSC’s brutalist masterpiece gets helping hand from the ‘Concrete Whisperer’

Tuesday, September 18 - 2018
For 52 years, U of T Scarborough’s iconic Andrews Building has sheltered teachers and learners from around the world, hosted events, set stages for movies and photoshoots and carved a place for the…

U of T Scarborough associate professor finishes half-kilometre art installation along Don River

Friday, September 14 - 2018
Will Kwan, an associate professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, has finished a public art installation that challenges ideas of ownership and public space.

Student spends summer performing on one of Bollywood’s biggest stages

Thursday, September 13 - 2018
Behzad Farkhari had a unique experience this summer. While most students were in class, working, or even taking some time off, he was performing on a world stage.

Go with your gut, and you’ll be more certain about your choice; new U of T Scarborough study

Wednesday, September 12 - 2018
When we make a gut decision, we end up holding it with greater conviction because we see it as a more accurate reflection of our true selves, a new U of T Scarborough study finds.     “Those who…

U of T jumps three spots to place 12th in world for graduate employability

Tuesday, September 11 - 2018
The University of Toronto is among the best universities in the world for graduate employability, a new independent study says.  U of T jumped three spots to place 12th in the world…