Here’s a quick guide for things to do virtually on campus

Thursday, October 14 - 2021
Are you looking for fun and engaging activities that can be done online from the comfort of home? We have you covered.  

‘Dangerous and unpleasant’: New report shows why Scarborough needs a proper walking and cycling network

Tuesday, October 12 - 2021
Cycling and walking networks remain woefully inadequate in Scarborough due to a lack of long-term planning by the City of Toronto, a new U of T Scarborough report finds.  

Which bees are the best pollinators?

Friday, October 8 - 2021
It is difficult to overstate the importance of native bees. Without them, many plants would struggle to survive.

UTSC’s first infant feeding room is a private and comfortable space for families on campus

Thursday, October 7 - 2021
U of T Scarborough’s first infant feeding room is a welcoming and safe space for caregivers to balance their academic careers and family life on campus.  

Ontario’s growing goldfish problem

Wednesday, October 6 - 2021
About an hour’s drive west from Toronto sits a modest stormwater pond next to a subdivision in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It’s the kind of artificial body of water popping up in newer suburban…

Come From Away

Monday, October 4 - 2021
Like many international students, Dhanya Dass finds it easy to talk about how she has benefited from studying at the University of Toronto. “U of T has given me so much,” says the third-year student…

How did lager become the world’s most popular beer?

Friday, October 1 - 2021
Humans have been brewing fermented beverages for thousands of years. So it’s surprising that lager, a sometimes bland-tasting brew that originated in Germany, has risen above the rest to dominate…

The Life Aquatic

Tuesday, September 28 - 2021
Date: August 18 Time: 10:16 a.m. Location: Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre A new underwater drone equipped with a high-definition camera will give U of T Scarborough students an up-close look…

U of T Scarborough honours the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day

Friday, September 24 - 2021
This Truth and Reconciliation week, the U of T Scarborough community honours those lost to the residential school system, their families and communities. From Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, we recognize and…

New research looking at COVID vaccine hesitancy aims to build trust in the health-care system

Thursday, September 23 - 2021
At a time when vaccine passports and mandates are on the rise, two University of Toronto social work researchers are filling a knowledge gap about vaccine confidence and hesitancy in an understudied…

Higher levels of organic pollutants found inside homes located near natural gas wells: UTSC study

Wednesday, September 22 - 2021
A new U of T Scarborough study has found that those living close to natural gas wells are exposed to higher levels of certain organic pollutants in their homes. The study looked at levels of…

A runner's journey: Bruce Kidd recounts a life at the intersection of sport, politics and social change

Wednesday, September 22 - 2021
Bruce Kidd, a professor emeritus in the the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, writes in the introduction to his new book, A Runner’s Journey, that, “while an…