UPPERCASE vs lowercase: Why using one or the other in a name can send a message to consumers

Wednesday, April 7 - 2021
Brand names are often written using a combination of upper and lowercase letters. Others defy convention by using all lowercase (amazon or ebay) or all uppercase (IKEA or IBM).  

Researchers seek to improve representation with Canadian Black Scientists Network

Tuesday, March 30 - 2021
For years, the University of Toronto’s Maydianne Andrade shied away from the idea of being a role model. The professor of evolutionary biology at U of T Scarborough considers herself a “typical…

Inclusion at the centre of curriculum review working circle

Monday, March 29 - 2021
U of T Scarborough is in the midst of a campus-wide curriculum review focused on knowledges and perspectives of Indigenous, Black and racialized peoples from around the world. A team of students,…

UTSC alum creates a brighter future for women in Scarborough

Monday, March 29 - 2021
Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Let’s say you’re a young woman who married young. You’ve never worked and now you are a mom to a few children. Your partner leaves you, and you’re left with no…

Management student’s impact on major company lands her national co-op award

Wednesday, March 24 - 2021
It’s not every day that a student steps into a co-op position and creates something that improves efficiency within a major division of a multi-national corporation. But CiQuinya Morton is no…

‘Food connects us all’: Student’s work on food insecurity lands national award

Wednesday, March 24 - 2021
Selina Quibrantar remembers sitting in her introduction to health studies course when the enormity of the challenge presented by food insecurity sunk in.   It also sparked something – a commitment…

National charter aimed at anti-Black racism, Black inclusion in higher ed will be a ‘historic’ moment for Canada

Monday, March 22 - 2021
Canadian universities and colleges are moving closer to creating a national charter aimed at dismantling anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion in the post-secondary sector.  

Affirming Our Asian Community

Thursday, March 18 - 2021
We are deeply saddened by the attacks that took place in Atlanta this week, and troubled by the reports of rising anti-Asian sentiment and violent hate crimes targeting the Asian community in Canada…

Organization that helps support young African entrepreneurs earns global recognition

Friday, March 12 - 2021
Efosa Obano (UTSC BBA 2018) wants to see more young Black entrepreneurs getting the necessary mentorship opportunities and resources to turn their ideas into solutions to the world’s biggest problems…

This app helps Scarborough restaurants digitize their businesses

Tuesday, March 9 - 2021
A new app developed at U of T Scarborough is helping match potential customers with local, independently-owned restaurants. PickEasy, a restaurant matching app developed by Max Woo and Daniel Zhao (…

Powerful stories about women you can watch in honour of International Women's Day

Monday, March 8 - 2021
Women are smart, courageous, resilient beings. In honour of International Women’s Day here’s a list of powerful stories with women at the forefront that recognizes their strength and also reminds us…

Tiny amounts of pollution can disrupt important ‘chemical conversations’ between species

Thursday, March 4 - 2021
Researchers at U of T Scarborough have for the first time shown that pollution can disrupt the ‘chemical conversations’ water fleas rely on to communicate with other species.