A deal with the Raptors: UTSC dance-tech startup builds industry cred

Friday, March 22 - 2019
From centre court at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the future looks bright for Axel Villamil and StageKeep, his dance choreography startup. A hip hop dancer himself, Villamil has spent much…

5 clubs to visit at March Showcase

Friday, March 22 - 2019
There’s more to the campus than classes! U of T Scarborough students can get involved with more than 200 different clubs and organizations on campus, including student government, cultural and…

5 things you should know about UTSC

Friday, March 22 - 2019
At U of T Scarborough, there are a lot of people, places and aspects of our campus that we’re proud of.  Here are five things every newcomer should know about us. 

5 things to see at UTSC

Friday, March 22 - 2019
The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre — Get active! Learn something new! Climb a wall! Not a gym goer?

Student survey on sexual violence highlights need for more action on awareness, support and prevention

Thursday, March 21 - 2019
The University of Toronto says it remains committed to providing students with a safe and supportive campus, following the results of a voluntary survey administered by the Ontario government on…

Boundless campaign exceeds expanded fundraising goal and creates lasting impact

Tuesday, March 19 - 2019
More than a decade in the making, and supported by more than 104,000 people around the globe, Boundless: the Campaign for the University of Toronto closed on Dec. 31, setting a record for Canadian…

'Horror and sorrow': U of T reacts to attack on Christchurch mosque

Monday, March 18 - 2019
The University of Toronto is condemning the horrific attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a man shot and killed 49 people and injured 48 more. “The University of Toronto…

In Canada’s boreal forest and arctic, you can find hares that resort to cannibalism, and squirrels that eat brains

Monday, March 18 - 2019
There are many animals in the boreal forest you would expect to see chowing down on meat. Great horned owls, wolves, foxes, lynx, grizzly and black bears, to name a few. But over the years,…

U of T President's statement on the terrorist attacks in New Zealand

Friday, March 15 - 2019
At 4 p.m. today, U of T Scarborough is hosting a vigil in the Meeting Place. All are welcome and encouraged to attend and stand in solidarity with Muslims around the world. Read the President'…

History students serve up 18 recipes and 700 years of history

Thursday, March 14 - 2019
Students enrolled in Edible History filled a tall order for their midterm — 18 recipes from every continent on Earth, spanning 700 years of human history. 

U of T Scarborough celebrates its first powwow with weekend of conversation and celebration

Wednesday, March 13 - 2019
Members of local Indigenous communities and U of T Scarborough students, staff and faculty gathered for a historic event over the weekend — one filled with knowledge sharing, conversation and…

Like rats, your brain may contain ‘time cells’ that help form long-term memories

Monday, March 11 - 2019
The way we encode our memories involves many pieces of information, and scientists have looked at how most of them work. But one dimension still eludes them: time. A new U of T Scarborough study is…