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U of T Scarborough students reimagine ancient Tamil epic in new storytelling fellowship

A group of U of T Scarborough students is reimagining an ancient Tamil epic, bringing it to life in ways that honour its tradition while adapting it for the twenty-first century.

UTSC Winter Term Update

Dear Students, As we continue to work towards our safe return to campus, we wanted to provide some additional information regarding in-person classes resuming as of February 7, 2022.

Winter term update: Safe, gradual return to campus

Dear UTSC Community, I am writing to update you on the next steps in our return-to-campus plan. As you may recall, the expectation was for a full return to campus at the end of this month.

Meet U of T Scarborough’s first director of international and global engagement

U of T Scarborough welcomed its first director of international and global engagement, Carlos Vargas, who has spent more than a decade helping universities forge international connections. For…

How family members interpret facial expressions might unlock clues about borderline personality disorder

Family members of those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) show similarities in their brains and personalities­—they even interpret sad facial expressions similarly, according to a series of…

‘If you have a dream, go for it’: how one alum landed a job at Google by prioritizing herself

Marah Ayad believes in chasing your dreams wholeheartedly. Living by that ethos, coupled with hard work, the U of T Scarborough management alum is now a technical account manager at one of the world…

21 memorable moments of 2021 at U of T Scarborough

Let’s admit it, 2021 wasn’t as different from 2020 as we’d hoped. But the year had its bright spots as we continued pushing, adapting and coming together. Here’s 21 moments that stood out.

U of T cancels in-person exams, delays in-person classes due to Omicron variant

The University of Toronto will not be holding in-person exams effective Dec. 16 and will delay most in-person learning until Jan. 31 to help curb the spread of COVID-19 amid the emergence of the…

Hummingbirds use overnight ‘hibernation’ to prep for migration

Hummingbirds’ metabolisms are so high that they face an ever-looming threat­­—running out of energy and dropping dead. That’s why the birds evolved a physiological trick, an ability at the centre of…

Defy Gravity: Campaign for U of T offers vision of inclusive excellence with global impact

The University of Toronto has launched the largest university fundraising and alumni engagement campaign in Canadian history to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

What to do before coming to and while on campus

As we prepare for a safe return to campus in the new year, here are some things to do before coming to and while on campus. Scroll to the bottom of the article for responses to frequently asked…

Scarborough’s heavy COVID burden highlights need for better health services in Eastern GTA

How has COVID disproportionately harmed Indigenous and racialized communities in the Eastern GTA? How can we foster resilience through community relationships? How can we design a healthcare system…