Announcing Appointment of UTSC@60 Special Advisors

U of T Scarborough Andrews Building

Daily Update

From the desk of U of T Scarborough Principal Wisdom Tettey

Dear UTSC community:

As you may know, UTSC will be 60 years old in the 2024-25 academic year, and we look forward to marking the anniversary as a proud and reflective community of past and present students, faculty, and staff, alongside our neighbors, supporters and partners. To ensure that we prepare appropriately for such a significant milestone in the life of our Campus, I have appointed two UTSC@60 Special Advisors to provide leadership for a befitting Diamond Jubilee celebration.

They are Ms. Fran Wdowcyzk (Director – Business Development, in the Office of Business, Operations, Strategic Affairs) and Mr. Desmond Pouyat (immediate past Dean – Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing).

Over the course of the coming months, they will be reaching out to the UTSC community to solicit your ideas, input, and participation in planning, launching, and executing a comprehensive, year-long range of high-quality and meaningful activities in 2024-25. You will have the opportunity to shape how we honor and reflect on our past and present, showcase and critically engage with inclusive excellence in practice, and galvanize our collective commitment to a future of amazing possibilities that would build on, and be a legacy of, the previous 60 years. 

Join us on this exciting journey to tell our stories, to re-commit to our shared values  and collective vision, and to launch, with renewed vitality and optimism, the next phase of UTSC’s limitless future of inclusive excellence, transformative societal impact, and global prominence. I look forward to the work ahead and to celebrating UTSC@60 with you!

Wisdom J. Tettey, PhD, FGA
Vice-President, University of Toronto
Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
Professor, Department of Political Science 
Professor, Department of Global Development Studies