Innovative pathway program Green Path celebrates 15 years at U of T Scarborough

Tuesday, August 20 - 2019
This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Green Path program, an innovative 12-week pathway program designed to help students from China prepare for first-year studies at U of T.

U of T ranked first in Canada, top 25 globally by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy

Thursday, August 15 - 2019
The University of Toronto has once again been ranked the top university in Canada and in the top 25 globally by the prestigious Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. The 2019 edition of the Academic Ranking…

Principal Wisdom Tettey signs charter dedicated to international work experience

Monday, August 12 - 2019
U of T has signed a global charter dedicated to bridging gaps between post-secondary education and the workforce — no matter where in the world students hope to find work.   

Can life exist on a snowball planet? New UTSC research says yes

Wednesday, August 7 - 2019
A new U of T study is challenging our definition of what makes a planet hospitable, finding that snowball planets may harbour the conditions for life to exist.  

Male black widows piggyback on work of rivals in a desperate attempt to find a mate

Wednesday, July 31 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study finds male black widow spiders will hijack silk trails left by rival males in their search for a potential mate.         …

Alum's start-up looks to bring safe e-scooters to Canada

Tuesday, July 30 - 2019
A U of T Scarborough alum’s start-up is racing toward its goal: introduce electric scooters (e-scooters) in a way that is safe, legal and tailored to Canada. 

With students at the forefront, U of T implements ambitious sustainability plan

Monday, July 29 - 2019
Students are at the forefront of the University of Toronto’s efforts – now entering the implementation phase – to make itself a global leader in sustainability education, research and operations.

Too many or too few? Study finds we have an ideal group size in mind when it comes to collaboration

Thursday, July 25 - 2019
When it comes to how we view the group size of a collaboration, new U of T Scarborough research finds there’s such a thing as too many (and too few) cooks in the kitchen.  

A lost literature: Researcher shares the untold stories of Black people on the Canadian Prairies

Tuesday, July 23 - 2019
At the age of 11, Karina Vernon found herself in Olds, Alta. She had been born in Honduras, but moved with her parents and sister to Calgary. When her parents separated, her mother, who was white,…

Using language to make the world of fossil fuels strange and ugly

Monday, July 22 - 2019
They weren’t getting it. I had a room full of bright first-year university students in front of me, but confusion reigned as I tried to describe how embedded fossil fuels are in every aspect of…

U of T rises to 19th globally in Times Higher Education world reputation rankings

Thursday, July 18 - 2019
The University of Toronto is increasingly regarded as one of the world’s leading academic institutions. The 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Rankings, released yesterday, ranks U…

Ever wondered about these berries on campus? Here's a hint, they're delicious.

Tuesday, July 9 - 2019
You might not have noticed, but anywhere you go on campus, you’re not far from a serviceberry tree. Native to Canada, there are quite a few of them on campus, and throughout the city. On campus,…