Two students sit on a bench
Photos by: Tina Adamopoulos
Wednesday, September 18 - 2019

It's not quite U of T sweater and track pants season just yet. We found nine University of Toronto Scarborough students and asked them what their style was.

Student standing in hallway.

Reilly (@reillymarkk)
3rd year / Psychology and Women’s Studies
“I like to pull from different eras, especially from the ‘90s. I like finding funky pieces and incorporating them to make my own style.”

Two students sit on a bench.

Joshua (@josh410pratt) 
3rd year / Human Biology
“Mostly social media. My style is based on my sneakers. Sneaker culture is big for people that play basketball like me. I like to be stylish but comfortable.”

Charles (@charles_dinng)
3rd year / Stats specialist
“I work at a summer camp open to people from all over the world, so my style inspiration comes from a mix of that and from shopping at thrift stores. I also like to be casual.”

Student standing with arms crossed

Raina (@osmallxu)
2nd year / International Development Studies
“From my mom. I like dressing nice because it makes me feel confident for the day.”

Two students stand in the hallway.

Farah (@farahk95)
4th year / Sociology
“I like early ‘90s style. I also get my inspiration from whatever I see other people wearing or online.”

Gerald (@yosemite.ger)
4th year / Sociology
“From Instagram. I like being simplistic and casual.”

Student standing in hallway

Jennifer (@jennnifer.x)
4th year / Arts Management
“YouTube and Instagram. I have to be comfortable. If I have time, I can dress fancy. Also, Amanda Steele.”

Student standing in front of a building

Jennifer (@jennifer.truongx)
1st year / Psychology
“Just from the streets, specifically the people of downtown and people who have a laid back and comfy style.”

Student sitting on steps

Rajbir (@rajdhattt)
4th year Sociocultural Anthropology
“Everywhere. I like to look at fashion from people like Audrey Hepburn, then I take the old and mix it with the new.”