PhD student wins award for research on Inuit knowledge of environmental change

A sky in Nunavut.
Megan Sheremata advocates for self-determination for Inuit research.

Alexa Battler

Megan Sheremata
Megan Sheremata is a PhD candidate in the Department of Physical and Environmental Science. 

U of T Scarborough PhD candidate Megan Sheremata has won a $15,000 award which recognizes women in the U.S. and Canada pursuing a doctorate-level degree.  

“I am so honoured to receive such recognition and support, particularly from organization that has committed itself to the pursuit of the ideal of women helping women to succeed,” Sheremata says. 

The PEO Scholar Award recognizes women for high academic achievement and their potential to positively impact society. Sheremata, a PhD student at U of T Scarborough’s Climate Lab, is one 150 doctoral students from across the U.S. and Canada to receive the award. 

Sheremata studies Inuit knowledge of environmental change and collaborates with four communities in the eastern Hudson Bay area. She advocates for Inuit self-determination in research and contributes to Inuit-driven research to support the communities she works with.