"> Photo from the UTSC Valley Land Trail
From natural trails to study nooks to the many places to eat and cool students' clubs to join, here is a guide to help you familiarize yourself with some of the top-rated spots on campus that are student approved.
Wednesday, September 15 - 2021
Tahreem Fatima

You applied and got accepted. Now the fun begins! It's time to explore the campus and discover what we have to offer. 

While certain restrictions are in place, anyone coming to campus is required to complete a self-assessment using UCheck each time they plan to visit campus. Additional restrictions like limited class sizes, masks, social distancing are in place to keep everyone safe (please visit the UTogether page for current restrictions at campus), but this shouldn't stop you from taking advantage of what U of T Scarborough is all about.

From natural trails to study nooks to the many places to eat and cool students' clubs to join, here is a guide to help you familiarize yourself with some of the top-rated spots on campus that are student approved.


UTSC Library provides students with many facilities. It has a world-class collection of books, knowledgeable librarians to help you with your research, study nooks, and individual study rooms you can book. It also provides facilities like printing and technology loans. 

There are many places in the library where students can study or simply spend some quality quiet time in a day to gather their thoughts. Mindfulness space is one of them.

 "I really like the mindfulness nook under the stairs in the library," says Caroline Minks, a fourth-year journalism student. "Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and need to take a moment to ground myself. I consider it a nice, safe space for me at school," she says.  

Valley Land Trail and Highland Creek Valley

The 500-metres long Valley Land Trail connects the campus to the beauty of the Highland Creek Valley. The accessible trail is maintained year-round and features a charging station for mobility devices, lookout points and LED lighting in the handrails. The trail softly descends a 19-metre slope, making it accessible for all. It eventually winds its way to the back campus that includes the soccer field, rugby diamond, and university's cricket ground. 

Minks says she especially enjoys going on the trail with friends. "It's great being able to surround yourself with nature and see the wildlife living on our campus. I've seen a few deer roaming around," said Minks.

Third-year student Bia Rana says she enjoys disconnecting from school by spending time on the valley land trail and connect with nature. 

"It's incredible. You'll run into so much wildlife," says Rana, who is double majoring in human biology and gender studies.  

She adds the campus is a "photographer's paradise." 

"The valley trail and the highland creek are a photographer's treat. But visit Miller Lash House if you get the chance. It's picturesque."

Group fitness classes

UTSC has many group fitness programs and clubs running on campus, including dancing, martial arts such as kickboxing, Karate and MMA conditioning. 

Fourth-year student Nick Hsu says he enjoyed the dancing studio most and would recommend it to students who love dancing. The dance studio room is located near the student centre. He says it was the place he felt the most liberated on campus. 

"You can meet different students there, make friends and learn to know their inner and pure talent instead of focusing on which program they're from," he says. 

Eateries and hangout spots on campus 

The campus has plenty of spots to eat and hang out with friends in-between classes. Rex's Den and Chatime are two that students highly recommend. 

"I love Chatime. It is always super quick, at least in my experience, in getting you your order - which always hits the spot," says Rana. She says after a long day of lectures, it gives her and her friends a boost.

"Tim Horton and Star Bucks are also great, but the lineup can be quite long," says Rana.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC)

If you are interested in sports and athletics, this facility has got you covered. TPASC is 365,000-square feet with two Olympic-sized swimming pools and a five-metre-deep diving tank. The field house features an indoor recreational track, weight and cardio rooms, studio space, a walk climbing wall and flexible gymnasium space for training and intramural sports.

"It's a great facility," says Sait Simsek, a fourth-year political science student. He says with busy class schedules, students sometimes forget how important it is to exercise and keep fit. "Pan Am is an excellent place to move some of your muscles and make friends."