Three students sharing notes
Saturday, January 13 - 2018
Joseph Burrell

New double-specialist programs at U of T Scarborough will offer an accelerated pathway for students who would otherwise have to complete two separate specialist programs.

The double degree programs, which were proposed by the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Management, were approved by the Academic Affairs Committee on Jan. 9.

Professor William Gough, Vice-Principal Academic and Dean touted the new degrees as the first of their kind at any university in the Greater Toronto Area.

“The combining of a BBA and a BSc degree will provide an enhanced educational experience for a cohort of exceptional students,” said Gough.

The new double degrees unify the fields of Finance and Statistics. This will allow undergraduates to complete their education in just five years of study with the requisite knowledge and skills to pursue further graduate education or a career in the finance industry. Co-op students will also complete three work-study placement terms along with the coursework required for the degree.

The goal of the university in designing the new degrees was to create an academically robust combined program that will prepare students to meet the demands of their modern workplaces.

Since the programs are limited to just 20 students a year, Gough says he expects they will be highly competitive and will attract the brightest students from around the world.