Using Your TCard Overview

Due to limited campus access to ensure the safety of the U of T Community during COVID-19, we are pausing the 15-month inactivity period for TBucks. Your TBucks will remain safe and available to use as campus facilities resume operations.
Making a payment with your TCard across campus is very easy! Load funds onto your TCard or purchase a Meal Plan and then simply swipe and pay at participating merchants. Participating merchants can be identified by TCard+ Accepted Here signage.  See below for a full list of participating merchants at your campus:

Inter-Campus TBucks Use

Whether your home campus is U of T St. George or U of T Scarborough, your TBucks can be used at participating merchants at both campuses, with no exclusions.

TBucks Deals and Discounts

Many merchants are happy to provide users with exclusive deals and discounts when paying for goods and services with your TCard+ TBucks account. Click here for the latest TBucks deals and discounts.

Lost your TCard?

If your TCard is lost or stolen you must deactivate it here immediately. Your TCard+ funds are protected from the time your TCard is deactivated.