Chair's Welcome

Thy Phu

As Interim Chair of the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media, I am pleased to welcome you to our Department. This website introduces you to  our diverse community of faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars and artists, and community collaborators. Our department is a thriving centre for interdisciplinary research and teaching about the humanities, across critical, creative, and professional practices.  

ACM is committed to equipping students—our next generation of researchers, artists, performers, creatives, and leaders—with the skills to explore the pressing questions of our time from a range of disciplinary perspectives in the arts, culture, and media. 


  • We examine arts, culture, and media across a wide range of local, regional, national, and transnational contexts and perspectives.
  • We believe that interdisciplinary humanities-based research and teaching are vital to understanding our histories, the problems and potential of our present as well as the societies and relations we want to build for the future.
  • We understand racism and other questions of social inequality and justice to be concerns fundamental to the study and practice of arts, culture, and media and ask hard questions about how and why some forms, cultures, and modes of representation and expression are valued while others are unjustly disregarded and are dismissed.
  • We seek to develop meaningful and ethical relationships with community partners as the foundation for mutually beneficial collaborations that will expand understanding of our creative and professional worlds. 

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media. We look forward to the possibility of having you join us soon.  

With best wishes,
Thy Phu
Distinguished Professor of Race, Diaspora and Visual Justice
Interim Chair