Equipment and Facilities

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media possesses a variety of equipment and spaces that are available for their students to use to support their curricular needs. Please refer to the Student Resources page for more information about guidelines, forms, and details of usage.

Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab, lovingly referred to as the Fab Lab, is located in SW109 of the S-Wing. It is a multifaceted maker space established to facilitate experimentation and production with 3D materials and processes. The space boasts a complete woodworking studio; machining-oriented metalworking area; an electronics area with a laser cutter and 3D printing capabilities: and a multi-purpose design studio for clean fabrication processes as well as an area for exhibiting and documenting work. ACM has fabrication technicians who assist students with design and manufacturing best practices. In the Fab Lab, students learn fundamental techniques in taking a project from conception to design to prototyping to production in a safe, well-equipped, and supportive working environment. Think of the Lab as home to your local maker community.


Media Labs

Three spaces make up ACM’s Media Labs: our Computer Lab (BV494), the Media Production Studio (BV340), and Equipment Room (AA313).

Our Apple Mac Lab (BV494) offers access to Adobe Software and houses our small and medium format Digital Printing Lab.

The Media Production Studio (BV340) is a multimedia studio with lighting where students can experiment with photography, time-based and other digital media projects. This space also serves as a hub for ACM’s creative community to engage and discuss work.  

The Equipment Room (AA313) stores the audio-visual equipment students may borrow, including our cameras and lenses, lights, tripods, microphones, graphics tablets, and more. These items are charged at a low cost; per-use or at a semester rate. Please refer to the Student Resources page for more information about the rental policies.

The Media Labs Technician supports these resources, providing individual or group support, training and guidance.


Leigha Lee Browne Theatre

The Leigha Lee Browne Theatre (LLBT) is a hub for performance and experiential education and is the main laboratory for the Theatre and Performance program. It is an intimate, 110 seat black-box style performance space, and the principal venue for student contemporary theatre performances. The space has also hosted world-renowned musicians, dancers, and actors, as well as a diverse range of conversations exploring theatre, performance, community, and the arts.

The theatre, its theatre labs, and support spaces provide a hands-on learning experience for both performative and technical study. With booking, students can rehearse, create, and perform curricular work as well as prepare and perform with co-curricular groups, and student clubs. The LLBT is supported by the Technical Director and the Technical Operations Manager. They maintain the safety of the space, provide student training as requested, handle bookings, and provide support for live performances department wide.