New Media Studies

New Media Studies students at the computer lab

New Media Studies explores the effects of digital technology on traditional forms of media as well as how new forms of cultural representations are created, consumed, and shared. A unique Joint Program between U of T Scarborough and Centennial's Centre for Creative Communication (CCC), this program allows students to get the best of both worlds: the academic research strength of U of T Scarborough and the industry experience and reputation of CCC. In this Joint program, students have to master the techniques necessary to create new digital representations, but more importantly, to learn about the theories and practice of using these media to achieve desired purposes for specific audiences, including both those inside and outside of academic settings. This program may be taken in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a four year (20 credit) Honours Degree, when taken with a major (or specialist) program in another field. In addition to completing the requirements for the degree, students have the option of qualifying for a certificate from Centennial College by undertaking an additional session that includes field placement and a professional practice course. For more information, please visit the program website. To download the Joint New Media Program supplementary application form, please click here.

Program of Study

For more information on the program of study, including program requirements and course descriptions, please see the Registrar’s Calendar.

To apply

To find this program on the OUAC website, search under University of Toronto Scarborough (found under the University of Toronto entry) under the category "Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Management & Media" (program code TUC); you will then choose 'New Media' under the 'Subject of Major Interest' drop-down menu.


Should you have any questions regarding the New Media Studies program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email.


Ruoyun Bai | Associate Professor

Kenzie Burchell | Assistant Professor

T.L. Cowan | Assistant Professor

Leslie Chan | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

David Nieborg | Assistant Professor

Alejandro Paz | Associate Professor

Thy Phu | Professor and Program Director

Retired Faculty

Michael Petit | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream