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New Media Studies

New Media Studies students at the computer lab

Why study New Media Studies at UTSC?

  • New Media Studies explores the effects of digital technology on traditional forms of media as well as how new forms of cultural representations are created, consumed, and shared.  

  • New Media Studies program is a Joint Program between U of T Scarborough and Centennial's Centre for Creative Communication (CCC), this program allows students to get the best of both worlds: the academic research strength of U of T Scarborough and the industry experience and reputation of CCC.  

  • Students master the techniques necessary to create new digital representations, but more importantly, to learn about the theories and practice of using these media to achieve desired purposes for specific audiences, including both those inside and outside of academic settings.  

  • In addition to completing the requirements for the degree, students have the option of qualifying for a certificate from Centennial College by undertaking an additional session that includes field placement and a professional practice course.  


Should you have any questions regarding the New Media Studies program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email.


Ruoyun Bai | Associate Professor, Program Director

T.L. Cowan | Assistant Professor

Joseanne Cudjoe | Assistant Professor

David Nieborg | Assistant Professor

Thy Phu | Professor

Jasmine Rault | Assistant Professor


New Media Studies FAQ

What will my first year look like?

All students should take MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies, MDSA02H3 History of Media, and ACMB01H3 Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs in Year 1. MDSA01H3 Introduces students to key terms and concepts in media studies and provides an overview of theoretical and critical understandings of media. MDSA02H3 surveys the history of media and communication from the development of writing through the printing press, newspaper, telegraph, radio, film, television and internet.  

Is this a direct entry program?

No, this is not a direct entry program. Current UTSC students can request this program after they have completed at least 4.0 credits.  

What are the requirements for the Major programs?

For the Major Program, students must complete 8.0 full credits, of which 4.5 credits are collected from Centennial College in Year 2.  Note that you cannot take any courses at UTSC while at Centennial College. For details, please see the Registrar’s Calendar

Will I need to submit a portfolio to enroll in any New Media program?

No, a portfolio is not required for entry into Major program in New Media Studies. But there is a Supplementary Application Form (SAF) that students will need to submit, in addition to requesting the program on ACORN. The SAF (for current UTSC students) is available on the Registrar’s Office website here. Note that this is a competitive program, and the second round of recruitment (in Summer) opens only if there is space left.   

I am exploring other Major/Minor programs at UTSC, to combine with my Major (Joint) program in New Media Studies. Are there some program combinations that I should be careful about?

The one program combination that requires careful planning is Major program in Studio Art, and a Major program in New Media Studies. New Media Studies requires that students spend one academic year at Centennial College during which you will not be able to enroll in any Studio Art courses (or any courses at UTSC). As mentioned above, students cannot enroll in UTSC courses while at Centennial College and this takes careful planning to ensure that you are not delayed in other programs.

I am not enrolled in New Media Studies program, but am I still able to take a few NME courses?

No, NME courses are restricted to students in Major (Joint) program in New Media Studies only. 

I am interested in pursuing the internship at Centennial College. How do I go about signing up?

Details will be shared with you in the second term of Centennial College. Typically, the internships are available in the Summer term, but other options might be available. 

Where are classes held?

The academic courses are taken on the UTSC campus at 1265 Military Trail. The practical journalism classes are held at Centennial College's School of Communications, Media and Design in East York (Centennial College - Story Arts Centre). 


Will I be graded any differently in Centennial College Courses?

You will be required to score 60% or more to pass the courses taken at Centennial College. 


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Should you have any questions regarding the New Media Studies program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email


How do I apply to this program?

High school students: To find this program on the OUAC website, search under University of Toronto Scarborough (found under the University of Toronto entry) under the category "Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Management & Media" (program code TUC); you will then be able to choose this program under the 'Subject of Major Interest' drop-down menu. 

UTSC students: Declare your program on ACORN (see here for details)