Studio Art

"See Through" by Claudia Wong

Why study Studio Art at UTSC?


Should you have any questions regarding the Studio program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email.


Adam David Brown | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Patrick Cruz | Assistant Professor

Marla Hlady | Associate Professor, Program Director

Alexander Irving | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Arnold Koroshegyi | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Will Kwan | Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Ann MacDonald | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Sanaz Mazinani | Assistant Professor

Emmanuel Osahor | Assistant Professor

Julian Pivato | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream

Retired Faculty

Yael Brotman | Lecturer

Don Holman | Senior Lecturer

Janis Hoogstraten | Senior Lecturer 

David Hlynsky | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Tanya Mars | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream



Studio Art FAQ

All students should take VPSA62H3 Foundation Studies in Studio, and VPSA63H3 But Why Is It Art? In Year 1. You can pick additional courses such as VPSB56H3 Digital Studio I, and other VPSB-level courses if you intend to pursue either a Major or a Specialist program in Studio Art. VPSA62H3 introduces students to the importance of content and context in the making of contemporary art, and VPSA63H3 examines the key themes, concepts, and questions that affect the practice of contemporary art.  

Please ensure that you enroll in courses you meet the prerequisites for.


No, a portfolio is not required for entry into either of the Specialist, Major or Minor program in Studio Art. Note that both Specialist and Major programs are limited in enrollment, and Minor program is unlimited.


For the Major Program, students must complete 8.0 full credits and for the Minor Program, students must complete 4.0 full credits. For details, please see the Registrar’s Calendar. 


The one program combination that requires careful planning is Major program in Studio Art, and a Major program in New Media Studies. New Media Studies requires that students spend one academic year at Centennial College during which you will not be able to enroll in any Studio Art courses (or any courses at UTSC).  

It is also important to note that Studio Art curriculum is structured in such a way that you need 4 years to complete your program requirements. While you can enroll in a program in Studio Art in your later years, note that this may delay your graduation as we cannot waive the prerequisites to help you progress quickly.  


Studio Art courses are small in enrollment and cannot accommodate students who take these courses as their electives as priority is given to students currently enrolled in any of the Studio Art programs.


Should you have any questions regarding the Studio Art program at the University of Toronto Scarborough, please send us an email

High school students: To find this program on the OUAC website, search under University of Toronto Scarborough (found under the University of Toronto entry) under the category "Visual and Performing Arts, Arts Management & Media" (program code TUC); you will then be able to choose this program under the 'Subject of Major Interest' drop-down menu. 

UTSC students: Declare your program on ACORN (see here for details)