Graduation Requirements

Co-op programs require at least eight 4-month terms of full-time study, and the satisfactory completion of two or three 4-month work terms, as specified by the particular program.

To maintain good standing in the Arts & Science Co-op Program, maintain eligibility for a work term, and to receive certification for work term completion upon graduation, you must:

  • Meet all of the normal requirements for the Honours BA or BSc
  • Follow the course of studies outlined for your program
  • Complete the non-academic requirements and any other prerequisites for the work term required by your program
  • Complete co-op course requirements (COPB50 and COPB51) prior to your first work term
  • Complete COPB52 when seeking your first work term
  • Complete COPC98 when seeking your second work term
  • Complete COPC99 when seeking your third work term (if required)
  • Maintain a cGPA of at least 2.50. This is higher than the cGPA required to fulfil Honours BA or Honours BSc requirements in other non-co-op programs.
  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation for all work-term performance evaluations and work-term projects;
  • Register as a full-time student during study terms (defined as a course load in each study term of at least 1.5 FCEs and normally 2.5 FCEs)
  • Return to studies after each work term 
  • Remit co-op fees as charged by the University.