Admissions Process

External Applicants

Internal Applicants

Enrolment is limited to ensure that students receive a high level of assistance from our team, as well as quality work terms. 


Application Procedures For External (Non-U of T Scarborough) Candidates

For students entering co-op directly from high school, or transferring from other universities (including Mississauga and downtown campuses of U of T), you can review application policies and procedures at our Admissions & Student Recruitment website.

Applicants already enrolled in or having completed a university program will be considered for admission with advanced standing credit where applicable.

Students from outside Ontario will be assessed individually. Applications from visa students are accepted; however, students should be aware that some government offices and private companies will hire only Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Given that admission is competitive, we will automatically consider you for alternate choices at U of T Scarborough (for regular computer and mathematical, humanities, life sciences, physical and environmental sciences, or social sciences programs) should your application for co-op not be approved.

Questions about admissions and scholarships for external candidates:

Admissions & Student Recruitment

Phone: (416) 287-7529



Application Procedures For Internal (U of T Scarborough) Candidates

Applying to Arts & Science Co-op

Admission to Arts & Science Co-op follows the Limited Program request and decision timelines set by the Registrar’s Office. There are 2 rounds of admissions. For dates and timelines, please visit the Unlimited and Limited Programs page

Before requesting a Co-op Subject POSt, ensure you meet admission requirements by reviewing the program specific requirements outlined in the UTSC Undergraduate Calendar

For more information about how to request a Co-op Subject POSt, please visit and 

Once you have requested your program, be sure to check ACORN during the offer period and ensure you accept your invitation to the program by the deadline.

If you have questions about the form or applying to the Arts & Science Co-op Program, contact:

Arts & Science Co-op

Phone: 416-287-7260




How To Apply

You are already a Co-op student since you were admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt upon entry to the university in your first year of study. To progress in the program, you must request a Co-op Subject POSt on ACORN – the Co-op program area you want to study. You can select your area of Specialization or Major upon completion of 4.0 credits and once you meet the minimum qualifications for entry as noted in the program area of the undergraduate calendar. 

If you are already in a Co-op Subject POSt and wish to change it, you will need to follow the same steps outlined above. You may also wish to discuss this with the Program Coordinator ( to determine how this might impact your work term sequence or Co-op completion requirements. 

Check out our resources on the Arts & Science Co-op PortalOpens an external site and may open a new window to learn more about Co-op Subject POSt selection. 

Prospective Co-op students (who are already a UTSC student, but not admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt) must submit a program request on ACORN, and meet the minimum qualifications noted in the academic program undergraduate calendar. 

Deadlines follow the Limited Enrolment Program Application Deadlines set by the Office of the Registrar each year. 

Failure to submit the program request on ACORN will result in that student's application for admission to the program not being considered. 

Admission requirements 

  • 2.5 cGPA or higher (requirements vary by program – review the requirements in the program specific section of the UTSC Undergraduate Calendar) 

  • 10FCE or less 

  • Completion of 4 credits and any required courses outlined in the program specific section of the UTSC Undergraduate Calendar 

Co-op Courses 

Students who are admitted into a co-op SubjectPOSt in any of these two rounds will need to enroll in COPB50 as follows: 

  • Round 1: April request period – Complete COPB50 from June-August 

  • Round 2: July request period – Complete COPB50 from January-April 

If you were in the Arts & Science Co-op program previously and would like to be considered for re-admission, your request can be considered as long as you have less than 13 credits. This is done on a case by case basis.

Please contact the Student Success & Program Coordinator ( to discuss your situation and options available.

Re-Admission requirements: 

  • 2.5 cGPA or higher (requirements vary by program – review the requirements in the program specific section of the UTSC Undergraduate Calendar)

  • Usually less than 10FCE however for readmission we will consider you if you have Between 10FCE-13FCE with successful completion of co-op preparation courses.