Your Co-op Support System Overview

Here's an introduction to our team and how each of their roles support your success. If you'd like to meet with anyone in person, feel free to reach out to set up an appointment or visit us in IC150. Our Operations Staff at the front desk are happy to help you.

Co-op Student Success & Program Coordinator

Have a question about co-op policies and work term sequence changes? or meet with them to discuss your status in the program, work permits, exceptions, or withdrawals from the co-op program.

Contact our Co-op Student Success and Program Coordinator in Ask Me Anything Co-op Drop in sessions on Wednesday mornings or during coaching hours. You can also email at

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion & Employment Coordinator

This Co-ordinator works with co-op students to support, reduce and overcome barriers to success in the job search/hiring process and when entering and thriving in the workplace. In collaboration with campus departments to develop resources and programming to empower marginalized students and educate employers. Reasons you may want to connect with the EDI & Employment Coordinator include – Co-op work permits, disclosing to employers, accommodations for job search or in the workplace.

Student Development Coordinators

This dedicated team will lead your COPB50 and COPB51 courses, laying the foundation for success in your co-op job search. With their guidance, you’ll develop covers letter and resumes for a competitive job search process, hone your interview skills, and refine strategies to land your co-op jobs. Coordinators are available during course practicals, office hours and Ask Me Anything Co-op drop in sessions on Wednesday mornings.

Work Term Engagement Coordinators

When searching for jobs and while on work term, your Work Term Engagement Coordinators are your main points of contact. They’ll facilitate your job search and work term transition courses (COPB52, COPC98, and COPC99), and will provide additional in-person support during office hours and individual appointment times. During those times, you can get hands-on support with customizing your resume and cover letter, as well as advice on how to improve your interview performance. While you're on your work term, they're also a resource for you to ask any questions you have on how to navigate workplace challenges (in the COPC series of work term courses).

Employer Relations Officers

Think of the our Partnerships Team as your dedicated industry experts. As co-op representatives, they’re out in the world every day, attending trade shows and telling prospective employers about the elite group of co-op students available at UTSC. They are an integral part of the co-op team's success. You'll likely meet them when you 're on work term, during your mid-term visit with you and your employer or at employer information sessions and our LAUNCH event.

Operations Staff

This team oversees many of the administrative elements of the office, including: posting jobs, scheduling interviews, and extending job offers. They’re the team that keeps our operation running smoothly. They also support the staff, students and employers if technical issues are encountered with our software systems.

Arts & Science Co-op Leadership Team

This team oversees the direction of the co-op program. You might run into them at co-op celebrations and events, or meet with them to discuss your status in the program, exceptions or petitions.

Program Advisor & Co-op Program Supervisor

Your Program Advisor and Co-op Program Supervisor are housed in your academic department. They can provide you with information on course planning, sequencing considerations, prerequisites, subject POSt, or work term report topics. Find out who Program/Course Advisor or Co-op Program Supervisor