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Wondering which program to choose as your program? Thinking about changing your program? Attend Choosing Your Program Month, held each year in March, to get more information to assist you with your choice.

To explore all of your program options,
review to the New ☆★ "Choosing Your Program Website"! ☆★

Events throughout March include:

These events are designed to facilitate information flow between departments and students, and are a great way to learn about what is new and exciting in the respective department. Specifically, topics to learn about are: application requirements, pre-requisite courses, deadlines, course and program details, experiential opportunities, career possibilities and graduate school information.

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The Main Event:

  • Choosing Your Program Virtual Fair 
      - Wednesday, March 2, 2022 
    • Need to better understand your program options? Not sure which program is right for you and need more information?
    • Get your program related questions answered, talk one on one with representatives from the departments, many will have student representatives as well!
    • Participate for chances to win great prizes!!
  • SIGN-UP REQUIRED on Career Learning Network (CLNx)

AA&CC Events:

  • Discover Your Skills and Career Options
    - TBA

     Wondering which program you should choose and what you can do with your degree? Interested in defining your personal brand? Discovering your career options begins with learning about yourself. Similarly, creating a personal brand involves figuring out who you really are. Generate realistic career options and identify characteristics of your personal brand by assessing your skills, interests, personality and values. {sign-up opens 2 weeks before at Career Learning Network (CLNx)}
  • Online 1 on 1 Chat Sessions with an Advising & Learning Strategist
    • To take place each week in March
    • Get your quick questions answered!
    • Please click on the green “Live Support” chat button on the AA&CC homepage at the above times to access the chat feature
  • Online Chat Sessions facilitated by a Career Counsellor 
    - TBA

    What programs should I pick for med school or grad school? 
    Thinking about applying to medical school or grad school, not sure which program or combination of programs would be the best for you? Check out this Online Chat Session facilitated by a Career Counsellor to get more information!
    Please click on the green “Live Support” chat button on the AA&CC homepage at the above time to access the chat feature

Other Related Events:

  • How To Get Into Management / Management Co-op Info Sessions - TBA