Academic Programming for Black Students

Group of 5 black students smiling together

Calling all students who seek a transformative educational experience 

The Academic Advising & Career Centre is committed to providing holistic, academic, and career support that centers the experiences, perspectives, and cultural heritage of African, Black and Caribbean students at UTSC. Culturally relevant advising is rooted in the recognition of the unique needs and aspirations of African diaspora students and seeks to provide guidance and support that aligns with their cultural background and identity.  

Inspiring deep learning

  • We will work with you to select your program, courses and develop an academic plan  
  • We will support you with your study and learning skills  
  • We will support you in mapping your career journey 
  • We can refer you to other academic and support services on campus 
  • We will co-create an inclusive community that values diversity  
  • We will empower you by validating and building upon your cultural, and intersecting identities 

How to Access AA&CC Services 

Visit us in AC213

Nguzo Saba

Discover the Power of Afrocentric Academic Workshops at the AA&CC. 

Using, a set of seven guiding principles of Nguzo Saba  for African American and Pan-African culture as a teaching framework, we recognize and value the cultural backgrounds, experiences, and identities of students in the learning process. By incorporating these principles into daily life, our student community can work together to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.  



Get ready to unlock a world of knowledge and cultural enrichment by engaging in our Afrocentric programming! We invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and academic excellence.   

Join us and let your journey of self-discovery begin., and together, let's reshape the future through knowledge, understanding, and unity.