Preparing for Graduate and Professional Schools Fair/Showcase

students at a fair

What is the Graduate and Professional School Fair/Showcase?

The Graduate and Professional School Fair/Showcase is an annual event held in mid-to-late September in which representatives from various graduate and professional schools "come" to University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) to promote their programs and answer your questions.

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Before the Event

  • If you know what programs you are interested in pursuing, conduct research to find out which schools offer the program. Visit the AUCC Program finder at
  • Research the programs to determine the individual deadlines and application requirements.
  • Visit the Academic Advising & Career Centre website to determine which institutions are attending the fair and what program areas they represent.
  • Prepare your questions.


Sample Questions

The following are a list of sample questions to help you generate a personal list based on your concerns.

  • What are the areas of specialty of your faculty members?
  • What are the benefits of attending your institution?
  • What opportunities are there for funding at entrance and through the course of the program?
  • How long do your students typically take to complete a Master’s or Ph.D. program?
  • What is a competitive mark to gain admittance? (Remember, no one can tell you with certainty what grade will guarantee admission, however, you can learn the average from previous years.)
  • How do you calculate this mark (e.g., is it the Cumulative GPA or the last ten courses)?
  • Does the program require admission tests (GRE, GMAT, etc)? Is there a cut-off score?
  • What are the other important factors that the admissions committee takes into account (e.g., volunteering, co-curricular activities, leadership experience and/or work experience)?
  • May I visit the campus to speak with students and faculty?
  • Are there any practicums/co-op/internships in the program?
  • Can the program be completed on a part-time basis?
  • Is it possible to receive advanced standing for work already completed?
  • If I took some time off between my undergraduate degree and this program, would this affect my admissibility?

During the Event

  • Have your questions ready when you approach the program representative.
  • Remember the importance of first impressions; conduct yourself accordingly.
  • If there is not enough time to ask all of your questions, ask how you can obtain further information. If the representative cannot answer your questions, ask for an alternate contact.
  • After having discussed your inquiries with the representative, take quick notes about what you learned.

After the Event

  • Check your notes to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • Following-up with contacts promptly may help them to remember you when you asked questions.
  • Attend the relevant professional and graduate school seminars offered by the AA&CC and your academic department(s).
  • Have a conversation with a career advisor or a Professional and Graduate School Peer Coach