Dropping a Course

student looking at computer screen

Should I Drop this Course or Not? Making the Decision

  • This is an important decision and you must do what is best for you based on your own individual situation.
  • The key to a good decision is gathering the relevant information about the decision that you need to make and thoroughly assessing it (i.e., doing your research, reviewing your options and asking questions).
  • Use the Should I Drop this Course or Not Reflection Worksheet [PDF] to further explore your situation.
  • Use the Mark calculator to calculate the potential grades you need on your assignments, term tests, and final exam to pass the course. (developed by University of Guelph library)
  • Be aware of important academic deadlines.
  • Make the decision and move forward.

Academic Deadlines

  • If you decide to drop a course, do so on ACORN as soon as possible. You are responsible for any fees and academic penalties incurred if you do not drop courses by the appropriate deadlines, even if you have not attended the course.
  • UofT Scarborough students must adhere to UofT Scarborough deadlines regardless of which campus the course is held on.
  • If you drop a course by the appropriate deadline, there will be no evidence on your transcript that you attempted the course. If you miss the deadline, you may request late withdrawal from the course, but some restrictions do apply.

Financial Deadlines

  • Visit the Student Accounts website for payment information and the refund schedule. These are dates by which to drop courses, programs, cancel registration, and receive either a full or partial refund.
  • Late course drops will result in no fee refund.

Late Withdrawal

If you miss the initial deadline to withdraw from courses without academic penalty and find that you cannot complete the course, you may submit a request on eService to withdraw late from the course. This process may be used to withdraw late from current session courses only, and not from previous sessions. Deadline dates can vary for courses held at UTSC, UTM, or the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) at St. George.  

There is a process in place for late withdrawals and there are some restrictions. For more details, see the Office of the Registrar's website. If you need assistance, you are strongly encouraged to speak with staff in the AA&CC before declaring your intent to withdraw late from a course.

International students

If you are wondering about how your course load and academic decision may impact your study permit, please speak to a Transition and immigration advisor at the International Student Centre.