Admission Tests

Asian student writing test in a lecture hall

What are Admission Tests?

Admission tests are standardized measures of a candidate’s performance, in academic and real-world skill areas such as:

  • Analytical Reading
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

These tests may also measure a candidate’s knowledge of specific, relevant subject matter as the MCAT tries to do.

Each ‘sitting’ of a test may cost as little as $175, and as much as $400, often paid in US Dollars, so you will want to prepare well!

Doing Well on Standardized Tests

‘Cramming’ for an admission test is a bad idea! They are challenging not only because of the broad content they typically cover, but also the way in which questions are asked is often tricky unless you have practiced. Remember how tricky your first all-multiple choice exam was, because you never wrote one before?

Start preparing for an admission test at least 4-6 months ahead. You may wish to start even earlier; it's unlikely that you will ‘overprepare’.

You can find preparation books in any bookstore, and U of T's career centres have placed many in the U of T Library system.

There are companies that also provide admission test preparation services. Some of the providers in Toronto are, in alphabetical order:

Astroff Consultants (CASPer)

Gold Standard MCAT Prep


Oxford Seminars


Princeton Review