Academic Advising & Study Skills Workshops

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This is a sample of some of the Workshop that we do offer. 

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How to study for online courses 

Want to become more effective in learning for online courses? Attend this workshop to learn about strategies to maintain your motivation, minimize distractions, maximize your learning for online courses, and write online tests.  

How to improve your reading and note-taking skills 

Set yourself up for academic success! Attend this workshop to learn how to use reading techniques to improve your understanding and memory. Learn about note-taking tools and strategies to boost your learning and test performance.     

Overcome self-doubt and commit to your goals 

Setting goals may be easy but working towards your goals could be challenging. Attend this workshop and learn how to build skills, find pathways, and create a positive mindset to achieve your goals.  

Build resilience and overcome obstacles 

How do you recover, adapt, and pivot when struggling academically? Attend this workshop to learn how to build hope and a growth mindset, overcome obstacles, implement helpful habits, and tackle procrastination to be more productive. 

How to maximize your learning 

Did you know that highlighting and re-reading are commonly used but ineffective in preparing for tests? Don’t fall into the traps of using ineffective study strategies that do not pay off. Attend this workshop to learn how your memory works and about the 3 most effective study strategies to improve your learning and academic performance.  

How to get ready for tests 

Trying to maximize your study time? Want to become more effective and efficient in preparing for exams? Attend this workshop to learn how to create a study guide, use evidence-based test preparation strategies, and test writing tips to improve your performance. 

Stay motivated and build healthy habits 

We all have a limited amount of willpower, and it fades over time. Attend this workshop to learn how to change unhelpful behaviour, build healthy habits, create an environment for success, and use strategies to keep you motivated.  

Build and leverage on your strengths  

Character strengths are the positive aspects of your personality. Everyone possess all 24 strengths to a varying degree. Understanding and applying your strengths can help to boost your confidence, reduce stress, increase happiness, accomplish goals, and find your purpose, and improve the quality of your work.  Attend this workshop to learn more.  

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How to manage your time and avoid procrastination 

Did you know that procrastination is not a laziness problem? Attend this workshop to understand why people procrastinate and learn practical strategies to overcome procrastination issues. You will also learn about effective time management strategies and tools. 

Cultivate optimism & growth mindset 

Attend this workshop to learn how to build a growth mindset, overcome obstacles, and use powerful questions to shift from judger pit to thriving learner’s path.  

Effective Notetaking Strategies

Effective notetaking skills are central to successful knowledge retention and exam preparation. This workshop will explore and demonstrate three different notetaking techniques that can be learned and applied right away.

Exam Preparation

Need help acing your finals? This workshop will help you to develop techniques to improve your performance in multiple choice questions and essay exams. It will also cover techniques in learning to manage exam stress and anxiety.

Gear Up For First Year - Watch the Video

Are you an incoming first year student? Attend this workshop to learn essential study strategies to meet the university academic expectations. During this session, you will get a chance to understand how you learn, assess your own study habits, and develop practical study strategies that will help you achieve your academic goals during your first year. The topics will include improving your motivation, effective strategies to maximize your learning, and strategies to monitor and improve your academic performance.

Going from B to an A

Do you want to boost your grades from B’s to A’s, but you’re not sure how? Attend this seminar and learn the time management and study skills secrets of straight A students. Learn how to create an autopilot schedule, develop an efficient review system and make tests and exams a (relatively) stress-free experience.

Adjusting to Online Learning and Taking Online Exams - Watch the Video

Online learning can be challenging at times. Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Minimizing distractions
  • Study hacks to improve your learning
  • Preparing for final exams

Upgrade Your Study Strategies!

Feel like your study skills need a little “upgrading”? Hoping to improve your grades, but not sure where to start? If yes, plan to attend this interactive workshop to get you on track.  In preparation for the session, you will complete the Learning & Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) which is designed to assess your use of study strategies and your attitudes toward learning. During this workshop, you will use your assessment results to identify gaps in your current study habits and generate personal study strategies and goals to help you improve your academic performance moving forward.

NOTE: Instructions on how to complete the assessment will be emailed to you at your official university email address. You must complete the LASSI assessment online prior to the workshop and bring a copy of your results with you to the session. The deadline to complete this is 48 hours prior to the session start time.

Midterm Preparation

This session will teach participants how to develop an exam guide based on their course materials. Tailoring study strategies based on the test format and self-testing techniques will be covered. Several test formats will be discussed including multiple choice, problem solving, and essay type questions.

Smart Reading Strategies

We will discuss strategies that will help you get more out of your readings. Skimming, scanning and close reading will be discussed.

Effective reading of course materials can lead to better integration with lecture materials which can result in better retention. Better retention leads to good performance on tests and exams and better grades!

Study Smarter not Harder Part I

Do you feel like your time management skills can use some improvement? Worried that your study skills are weak? Tired of cramming for exams and still not getting the marks you want? Attend this session to get into academic shape!

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Time management
  • Reading
  • Notetaking

Study Smarter not Harder Part II

Do you feel like your study skills can use some improvement? Worried that you need to focus more on your academics and stop putting off studying? Do you want to improve your grades?  Attend this session to get into academic shape!

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Test preparation and test format
  • Memory and Concentration
  • Reducing procrastination & increasing motivation

Time Management - Watch the Video

Learn how to be in control of your time. Using practical exercises, this workshop will teach you how to put together a daily schedule that works for you. Participants will learn how to plan for busy periods in the academic year and adapt their schedules accordingly.