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Study finds safety, mobility and local services most important to suburban Toronto residents

A new study found residents of Toronto’s inner suburban communities value the same three things most in their neighbourhoods: safety; transportation and mobility; and local services — in that order.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on why democracy is worth fighting for

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told post-secondary students across Canada that Ukrainians are committed to fighting for their future, freedom and land as they repel Russian invaders from…

How two volcanic eruptions changed the genetic structure of brown kiwi birds

When two massive volcanic eruptions blanketed New Zealand in ash, they forever changed the genetics of the iconic brown kiwi bird, according to a new study from U of T Scarborough. 

Prof wins highest honour in teaching for unique courses that hinge on relationships

Maria Assif is always looking to create an environment where her students can learn from each other. At the heart of her teaching philosophy is creating relationship-rich classrooms — a burgeoning…

Maydianne Andrade, renowned spider researcher and equity advocate, earns U of T’s top academic rank

There was a time in her career when Maydianne Andrade didn’t dwell on the issue of representation in science. That began to change in 2013 after taking an implicit association test. The results…

How this grad revitalized a student group to pay it forward

As she worked toward her degree, Ilakkiah Chandran always found it helpful to pick people’s brains. That’s not easy for a natural introvert.  Asking questions was intimidating, but going to U of T…

Special bond with professor helps student achieve her dream of earning U of T degree

Alaina Luk describes her childhood as difficult. With two high-achieving older siblings, she grew up in a world of hand-me-downs, from clothes to expectations.

Denham Jolly, radio pioneer and champion of social justice, receives honorary degree

It is a testament to Denham Jolly’s tenacity that, in 2001, Toronto finally got its first Black radio station. Jolly had applied twice before for the broadcasting licence, spending years – and a lot…

‘Everyone has the ability to be a leader’: UTSC grad works to advance opportunities for equity-deserving communities

Vanshika Agarwal is determined to use her voice to level the playing field in business.  “Leadership for me means that everyone can be a leader in some capacity. I want to make an impact and help…

Catch Drake, J. Cole, Jalen Harris and other A-listers at TPASC this summer

Rapper Drake will cheer his basketball team on from the sidelines at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) throughout the summer. 

Why sexual suicide benefits male spiders: Wall Street Journal

Research by Maydianne Andrade, professor in the department of biological sciences, is helping explain why some male spiders benefit from elaborately killing themselves during sex. 

Guided by students and experts, U of T rolls out new approach to mental health services delivery

No wait times for mental health appointments at Health & Wellness. Redesigned health and wellness spaces, both virtual and physical, that make it easier for students to receive help when and…