The Final Commons Keynote

various former UTSC Commons Magazine covers are seen laid out
A word from UTSC Principal Wisdom Tettey on the final edition of the UTSC Commons Magazine

Dr. Wisdom Tettey, UTSC Principal

If you have been following us online, you may have noticed that there have been quite a few changes, especially in our social media channels. Our campus is ramping up its efforts to communicate better with you, and with all the various communities that feel they have a home at U of T Scarborough.

Perhaps you have enjoyed some of the stories yourselves. It has been gratifying to see more videos about our research, our students, our staff, our alumni and our broader community amplified and made available to the campus community and to a diverse audience around the world. I myself had the pleasure of appearing in a video which features the creation of a special tea blend for the campus. It’s about more than tea, of course. It’s about bringing together our community. I look forward to sitting down to tea with a wide range of members of our community to talk and to listen as we continually evaluate the state of our campus and its future.

As our campus evolves, so will its communication vehicles, and this magazine is no exception. I am excited to share that University of Toronto Magazine, the publication sent to hundreds of thousands of alumni and friends of the university, will be changing to more fully reflect the tri-campus nature of our institution. That means more U of T Scarborough content in our U of T magazine.

By enhancing and consolidating the tri-campus content into a single university-wide magazine, the UTSC stories we tell will reach an audience ten times as large as before. That means that they will have a larger scale of recognition and they will touch a broader range of people.

When the magazine was introduced in 2011, the accomplishments of our campus community were not receiving the recognition they deserved. Our students, faculty, staff and alumni deserved more attention for the fascinating work that was being done on campus and beyond. UTSC Commons provided such a medium and has contributed to our growing reputation as a place of inclusivity and academic excellence.

Now, as we enrich and diversify our digital communication channels, and as we work in a more integrated way among the three campuses of the university, we have an opportunity to extend our reach and ensure that U of T Scarborough is recognized as an integral and essential part of Canada’s top-ranked university.

Our campus continues to grow and improve as we strive towards inclusive excellence in every part of what we do. That story, and the ways we tell that story, will continually evolve, but our commitment to inclusion, to academic excellence and to keeping in touch with you and all of our audiences will remain strong.

In view of the upcoming change, the issue of UTSC Commons you are holding will be the last. I hope that it will be a cherished possession.