A glow-in-the-dark exhibit, titled "Spring Arrives in October," by YouthGEN.
A glow-in-the-dark exhibit, titled "Spring Arrives in October," by YouthGEN was on display at this year's ARTSIDEOUT festival. (Photos by Tina Adamopoulos and Alexa Battler)
Friday, October 5 - 2018
Tina Adamopoulos

ARTSIDEOUT is U of T Scarborough’s one-day outdoor arts festival now in its eleventh year on campus. Consider it our very own little Nuit Blanche.

This year’s theme was Rebirth. The featured art pieces tell the stories of the diverse cultures that make up Scarborough. The exhibit, which took place on Oct. 4, was inspired by personal stories that have shaped communities in the east-end of Toronto.

Rebirth is a nod to the festival’s efforts to break stereotypes that surround Scarborough. It invites community members across generations to celebrate the present and future of Scarborough.

“What we’ve seen this year is a shift in Scarborough’s narrative and how people talk about it,” says Mauriene Tolentino, general manager of ARTSIDEOUT. “The narrative surrounds the idea that art and life and beauty have always been part of this community.”

The festival’s exhibits, film screenings and performances were made in collaboration among ARTSIDEOUT’s organizers as well as artists and community organizations. Exploring the east-end and talking about what living in Scarborough means with community members was at the core of building the exhibit, says Tolentino.

“Scarborough isn’t a community that is regarded as metropolitan, but it’s beautiful in the sense that community is at the very heart of it,” Tolentino says. “It’s a community that thrives and that is resilient.”

ASO aims to redefine our everyday space at U of T Scarborough and is curated by student organizations and clubs across various programs, the SCSU and the Department of Arts, Culture and Media.

This year’s exhibit features the work of more than 40 artists and 20 performers. If you missed this year’s event, take a tour through the photo gallery below.