Cornell's UG Journal Logos

Logos, the Undergraduate Philosophy Journal housed under Cornell University’s Sage School of Philosophy, is currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2022 edition. 


Committed to celebrating the philosophical tradition among undergraduates exclusively, each paper is rigorously reviewed by an editorial board of fellow philosophy undergraduates and advisors for argument development and complexity; presentation; and philosophical intrigue.


Logos welcomes a single paper per student of any topic, length, and format, weighing the quality of philosophical ideas presented above all other considerations. For us, the undergraduate philosophy experience is an endeavor to rigorously engage with the thoughts of philosophers who have come before us, inspiring within us our own well-developed theses. It is not an attempt to mirror their writing styles.


In keeping with this notion, each submission, regardless of whether it is published, will receive an Editors’ Note containing our thoughts and feedback on the paper.  Additionally, the top three submissions will win cash prizes of $300, $150, $50, respectively. Please email submissions (preferably as a word attachment) to by December 31st, 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to include your name, institution, and class year in a separate document.


Questions may be directed to the LOGOS email address above or to the Editor-in-Chief, Leonardo Villa-Forte