Summer 2024 Course Offerings

Summer Courses

PHLB06H3Y: Business Ethics

Instructor: Andrew Lavigne

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: An examination of philosophical issues in ethics, social theory, and theories of human nature as they bear on business. What moral obligations do businesses have? Can social or environmental costs and benefits be calculated in a way relevant to business decisions? Do political ideas have a role within business?


PHLB12H3S: Philosophy of Sexuality

Instructor: Alex Drusta

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: Philosophical issues about sex and sexual identity in the light of biological, psychological and ethical theories of sex and gender; the concept of gender; male and female sex roles; perverse sex; sexual liberation; love and sexuality.


PHLB30H3F: Existentialism 

Instructor: Alexandra Gustafson

Lecture Mode: Online (Synchronous)

Course Description: A study of the views and approaches pioneered by such writers as Kierkegaard, Husserl, Jaspers, Heidegger and Sartre. Existentialism has had influence beyond philosophy, impacting theology, literature and psychotherapy. Characteristic topics include the nature of the self and its relations to the world and society, self-deception, and freedom of choice. 


PHLB55H3Y: Puzzles and Paradoxes

Instructor: Andrew Doppenberg

Lecture Mode: Online (Synchronous)

Course Description: Time travel, free will, infinity, consciousness: puzzling and paradoxical issues like these, brought under control with logic, are the essence of philosophy. Through new approaches to logic, we will find new prospects for understanding philosophical paradoxes.


PHLC10H3S: Topics in Bioethics

Instructor: Eric Shoemaker

Lecture Mode: Online (Synchronous)

Course Description: An intermediate-level study of bioethical issues. This course will address particular issues in bioethics in detail. Topics will vary from year to year, but may include such topics as reproductive ethics, healthcare and global justice, ethics and mental health, the patient-physician relationship, or research on human subjects.


PHLC92H3S: Political Philosophy

Instructor: Eric Shoemaker

Lecture Mode: 

Course Description: An examination of some central philosophical problems of contemporary political philosophy.