Hamish Russell

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Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream)
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Hamish’s research is in ethics and political philosophy. He is particularly interested in how professional roles—in business, law, government, medicine, and the like—change our moral responsibilities. Are corporate managers morally permitted to prioritise profits over fairness to employees? Are lawyers morally permitted to “bend the truth” in defense of their client? For his PhD on this topic, Hamish won the 2023 Best Dissertation Award from the Society for Business Ethics.

For more on Hamish’s teaching and research, visit his website: hamishrussell.com


  • PhD, University of Toronto
  • BA (Honours), University of Auckland
  • BA, University of Otago

Teaching Interests

Teaching in 2023-24

PHLA11: Introduction to Ethics
PHLB02: Environmental Ethics
PHLC92: Political Philosophy
PHLD05: Advanced Seminar in Ethics
PHLD88: Socrates Project Seminar

Research Interests

Ethics, Political Philosophy