Prof. Wilson's Talk - Dec 7 2022

Portrait of Jessica Wilson

“The Strong Emergence of Free Will” with Professor Jessica Wilson

Professor Jessica Wilson will give a research talk on December 7th as part of UTSC's OVPRI Research Excellence Lecture Series.

The UTSC Office of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation’s Celebration of Research Excellence Lecture Series features award-winning UTSC faculty presenting cutting-edge research, sharing innovations and discoveries that are advancing new knowledge and improving lives in Canada and around the world.  Reflecting the diversity of faculty accomplishments in the humanities, social sciences and physical and life sciences, and from both emerging and established scholars, this series will showcase UTSC’s innovative research environment.   

About Professor Wilson's talk:

"Metaphysically emergent phenomena synchronically depend on, yet are also to some extent autonomous from, complex lower-level physical goings-on. In Metaphysical Emergence, I argue that there are two forms of such emergence: Weak (whereby an emergent has a proper subset of powers of its physical dependence base) and Strong (whereby an emergent has fundamentally novel powers as compared to its physical dependence base). Here I present these two forms of emergence, and argue that free will is Strongly emergent."

Date: December 7, 2022
Time: 11 am - 12 pm
Place: online

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If you missed the live event, you can listen to the recording via the UTSC Research & Innovation YouTube channel.