Co-op Orientation 2023

Orientation 2022

Welcome to Arts & Science Co-op!

We are very excited to have you join our Arts & Science Co-op community! We can’t wait to see what great things you will do.                

Meet Your Co-op Community

Orientation In-Person Event

Saturday, September 9 | 10:00am - 1:00pm

Registration deadline: September 5th


Event Overview

Welcome & Introduction to Co-op

This presentation will take place in-person.

Join our co-op staff and upper year co-op students as we walk you through the co-op journey talking about what to expect in first year, your co-op courses, planning for your work terms, job search and work term experiences and some policies to be aware of. Make sure to pay attention because the more you know might help win you some great prizes!


Co-op Trivia Game

Put your co-op knowledge to the test and win prizes!


Senior Co-op Student Panel & Networking

There will be a panel and networking with senior co-op students and co-op staff.

Join us to hear from senior student panelists, who will discuss their personal experiences as a co-op student and share advice on how to be successful in co-op. Following their introductions and stories, you will have a chance to speak directly with these students, other co-op staff, and your new co-op peers!


Student Services and Resources for Co-op students

In addition to networking with senior co-op students, we are working on having other student services and resources as well as student clubs relevant to co-op in attendance at the event.  As well as academic advising on hand to assist you with your academic questions.

Learn About Co-op Policies & Procedures

Get a head start on your Co-op journey and learn about Co-op Policies & Procedures.  

We encourage you to review information about Co-op Courses and Work Term Sequencing, as these are especially relevant for first year students. Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Access Your Support System With Co-op Resources

Co-op Orientation is only the first step in your co-op journey! By the end of September, you will gain access to our Arts & Science Co-op Portal on Quercus. This will be your primary hub to connect with other Co-op students, learn about Co-op programming, workshops & events, and enhance your understanding of Co-op polices & procedures.  

There are also many other ways to stay in touch and connect with your Co-op community!