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You can find the most common topics from managing your research funds to sub-grants, cost overruns, financial forms, data security and some useful research tools.

Manage Research Funds

Correct management of research funding ensure adherence to both University and sponsor policies, guidelines and processes thereby minimizing risks and potential problems. Find information on critical elements such as reporting to sponsors, annual administrative accountability report, when research award is overspent, how to manage interruption to research, managing sub-grants in Manage Funding.

Management Research On-line (MROL)

My Research On-line enables web-based access to the research funding profile as well as to financial report on research funds.  It includes a tool for tracking the review of expenditure details within a grant.

Financial Forms

Please see Financial Forms page for more information.

Data Security

Please consult the Library Research Data Management and CRIS Digital Research Infrastructure Portal for information on data encryption, passwords, choosing the right online survey software, and data preservation.

Other resources:

Research Tools

Please see links to some useful research tools below: