Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure of the Office of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation

Vice-President Research & Innovation, Strategic Initiatives, University of Toronto: Professor Leah Cowen

Vice-President & Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough (Acting): Professor Linda Johnston

  • Vice-Principal Research & Innovation (Acting): Professor Alison Mountz
    • Executive Assistant to the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation: Vacant
  • Associate Vice-Principal Research & Innovation, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships: Professor Alison Mountz
  • Associate Vice-Principal Research & Innovation, Research Facilitation and Infrastructure: Professor Mark Schmuckler
  • Director, Office of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation: Vacant
    • Research Services Officer: Joshua van Ry
    • Administrative Officer: Kristine Peruzzi
  • Assistant Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Meredith Best, MBA


  • Manager of Operations & Project Management: Vacant
    • Research Operations & Financial Officer: Carmen Siu
  • Research Partnership and Business Development Officer: Brice Rousseau
  • Research Partnership and Business Development Officer: Vacant
  • Strategic Research Development Officer: Dr. Cintia Cristia
  • Strategic Research Development Officer: Dr. Feihan Dai
  • Manager, Research Services: Jason Darby
    • Research Administration Officer (Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science): Dr. AilĂ©n Cruz
    • Research Administration Officer (Social Sciences & Humanities): Dr. Anika Mifsud
    • Research Awards & Honours Officer: Dr. Joel Faber
    • Editorial and Proposal Development Officer: Dr. Hayley Brooks
  • Vivarium Director: Michelle Wodzak-Staruch
    • Vivarium Technologist IV
    • Vivarium Technologist II
    • Vivarium Technologist I Part-Time
    • Vivarium Technologist I Part-Time
    • Vivarium Lab Technician II Part-Time
    • Vivarium Technologist Casual


  • Operations Lead, The Hub: Donovan Dill
    • Hub Coordinator: Komal Tariq