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On this page you will find information on how to share your research findings, measure and maximize your impact, preserve your research in the university repository, and, if applicable commercialize your invention.

Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that research makes to academia, society and the economy. Getting your research read and discussed will increase your impact and offer you honours and awards.

Explore these U of T Library resources for more information on how to increase and measure your research impact:

Explore these U of T Library resources for critical elements to consider when sharing your research through scholarly publication:

You can also promote your research to a general audience to maximize the reach and impact of your research. Learn more about using the different media channels, including social media, the university website, online, print and broadcast media, and other public engagement channels to share your research.

Explore these CRIS resources to share your research with an external audience:

Other Resources:

Other Resources:

Please contact OVPRI Research Awards & Honours Officer for all matters related to awards & honours.

Want to turn your research invention into a marketable product or process? The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your first stop to Commercialize an Invention.

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