Danielle Kwan-Lafond

Danielle Kwan-Lafond
Assistant Professor - Teaching Stream
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Professor Dani Kwan-Lafond is a mixed-race woman born in Treaty 4 territory (Saskatchewan) who has lived in Tkaronto (Toronto) for many years. She is a former social worker, a former high-school leaver, and someone with lived experience as a social service client; these experiences continue to inform her teaching practice and commitment to non-traditional, decolonized and anti-racist approaches to teaching and learning. Professor Kwan-Lafond’s teaching and research interests include social inequality, Indigenous studies, race/racism, youth studies, and the sociology of education. Her approach to teaching and learning is informed by UDL (universal design in learning), trauma-informed approaches to teaching Indigenous content, and a focus on reflexivity and self-reflection for students. She is committed to the meaningful inclusion of communities in the classroom (‘nothing about us without us’), and her courses often involve guests, collaborators and/or hands-on activities that enhance students’ understandings of difficult material. Professor Kwan-Lafond also works with Indigenous students and teachers at TEC University in Costa Rica, where she has traveled with students from Canada to do land-based learning with Indigenous communities. She was formerly the Coordinator of the Indigenous Studies certificate program at Centennial College, where she helped create a free online eTextbook available to all learners in Canada. Her PhD dissertation involves participatory research with first-generation Canadian youth in a large suburban high school, and is focused on parental involvement, post-secondary pathways, and notions of success for first-generation youth. Her PhD work was supported by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.  


B.S.W., Ryerson (2005)
M.Ed., OISE/UofT (2009)
PhD, York University (forthcoming)


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