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S.O.S. The departmental student association. S.O.S. (Students of Sociology) is a departmental student association that strives to foster an enriched experience among the Sociology students of the University of Toronto Scarborough through the provision of events, services, and advocacy.

Student Support

The department offers seminars and workshops that can help you make the most of your program, your time at UTSC and your degree after graduation.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Please check back here for Workstudy positions and other research assistantship opportunities.

Campus Resources

Centre for Teaching & Learning - offers a number of support services
The Writing Centre - This free service provides support for teaching and learning through writing for all University of Toronto Scarborough students.
English Language Development - Sign up for the Communication Cafe and many other programs, and enhance your communication skills.
Service Learning and Outreach - Through service learning, students enhance their knowledge and concepts gained in the classroom.
Research Skills - Research skills instruction provides students with individual research assistance in person, by phone, by email, and by chat
Facilitated Study Groups - In these weekly study groups for selected UTSC courses, students compare notes, discuss important concepts, and develop study strategies
Summer Learning Institutes - Once you're accepted to the University of Toronto Scarborough, these programs can help you make the transition from High School to University
Academic Advising & Career Centre
Library Services
Student Policies
Health & Wellness
Study Space Information
Child Care Resources
Academic Travel Fund