John Hannigan

John Hannigan
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Professor Hannigan's research focuses on Social movements; the sociology of media; sociology of the postmodern city, and environmental issues and problems. He has written a number of papers on social movements, and media and religion, but his recent works are a book on Environmental Sociology: A Social Constructionist Perspective (Routledge, 1995), and a major review paper on The Post-Modern City in Current Sociology (Vol. 43, #1, 1995). Fantasy City his most recent book on urban entertainment destinations and development was published by Routledge in 1998. He is currently writing a critical essay on "The Global Entertainment Economy" under a SSHRC/Planning Secretariat - sponsored "Trends Project" grant.


Ph.D., Ohio State University

Teaching Interests

  • Environment and Society
  • Urban Sociology and Collective Behaviour

Research Interests

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Urban Sociology


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