Out of Many, One - The BRIDGE Mural Project Community Engagement Session - Jan 21

Poster for the community engagement event with two artists, a man on the right and woman on the left

"Centering community voice"

Please join us for an exciting and informative community engagement session for the Out of Many, One Mural Project! Learn more about the project here.

Event Description

This year, Nobellum Enterprise and The Ubuntu Creative Arts Project (UCAP) teamed up with the University of Toronto Scarborough to commission an art installation in The BRIDGE Finance & Data Lab. The goal of this art project is to serve as a symbol of inspiration and a space of belonging for Black, Indigenous, and racialized students pursing futures in STEM, finance, and entrepreneurship. Learn more about the Out of Many, One Mural Project here

Time & Location

What to Expect

  • Light refreshments and will be provided
  • Stipends will be provided to community members
  • Parking passes will be provided

How to Sign Up

Meet the Artists

Claire Browne

Claire Browne is an emerging artist living and working in the Toronto area.  She graduated from OCAD University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree specializing in drawing and painting. 

Her art practice focuses on the themes of self-identity and heritage. She is particularly interested in landscape and the deep connection that people have between land and self-identity. 

Her own family’s stories consist of travel, displacement and adapting to new lands and cultural spaces. Through painting the Caribbean country St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where her paternal family originates, Claire attempts to navigate the cultural spaces and stories of her childhood allowing for new narratives to appear.


Elicser Elliot

Elicser Elliott is a Canadian visual artist who has been making his mark in building Toronto’s street art scene. Since graduating from Sheridan College’s animation program, he has amassed a vast collection ofmurals and public artworks around the city. 

He describes his work as highly improvised collages of soft characters and organic shapes, layered and blended through transparencies. Inspirations for his characters often stem from his own past relationships and experiences. Coupled with drawing likenesses from passersby on the street, he combines the two to bring his community-based murals to life.

Apart from his renowned murals seen widely across the streets of Toronto, Elliott has also illustrated and produced a small run of books titled Know Love. He has previously exhibited at the Art Gallery ofOntario, The Royal Ontario Museum and LE Gallery. He was also an arts educator with the AGO’s “Free After Three” youth arts program and the Toronto Jazz Festival, teaching youth aerosol paint techniques.  



Time: -
Location: Instructional Centre @ University of Toronto Scarborough 1095 Military Trail, Toronto, ON