Terms of Use

As part of the University of Toronto community, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the lab resources are used for non-commercial educational or research purposes only, and that usage does not violate copyright law. This applies to both resources within The BRIDGE, and data accessed remotely via subscriptions. The BRIDGE also requires compliance with the University's existing Information Technology Policies and Codes of Conduct. The BRIDGE will not be used for gaming or downloading torrents. The BRIDGE is intended for research, study, and experiential learning. Quiet conversation and group work is encouraged in appropriate areas, any disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Access to Spaces

The BRIDGE, including The BRIDGE Library, is open to all students, staff and faculty at the University of Toronto. Access to The BRIDGE Lab computer terminals is restricted to students currently enrolled in Management courses. One public-access terminal is available in The BRIDGE Library to all U of T students. Access to The BRIDGE Boardroom is restricted to students enrolled in the New Venture Program.

Spaces may be booked in accordance with our space booking policy.

Food & Drink

The BRIDGE allows food and drink under the following conditions:  


  • Snack foods that do not disturb those around you
  • Drinks in spill-proof containers 


  • Food that is aromatic or messy (pizza, fries, pasta, etc.)
  • Open drink containers 
  • Meals

Please be considerate of others and use appropriate trash receptacles to clean up any mess. Staff reserve the right to determine which food and drink items are permitted.