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Alexandra DiBattista

The BRIDGE Administrative Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: Management Co-op
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles:  Tangerine - Marketing Associate, SAS - Field Marketing Associate, DBRS Morningstar - Business Development Associate
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I can see my growth in confidence, knowledge and professionalism from 1st year due to co-op and The BRIDGE resources, so I want to contribute to an environment that has empowered this. 
  • Fun fact: I love live music and have been to 30 concerts in 10 years!

Yvonne Guan

Finance and Data Analytics Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: Double Degree Management Finance and Statistics Quantitative Finance
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles:  Assistant at The BRIDGE
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Worked here as my first co-op, LOVE'd it! With a supportive team and helpful supervisors, the work is meaningful and kick starting my career journey. 
  • Fun fact: I am so much more productive in the summer..

Sara Kabani

Learning Objects Assistant

  • Program and Specialization: Double Degree Statistics and Management 
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles:  N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I loved the BRIDGE’s mission when I started at UTSC, and I wanted to contribute in offering the student body with fantastic resources. 
  • Fun fact: Quarantine taught me I don’t hate running!

Sobhan Onghaei

Marketing Content Developer

  • Program and Specialization: Co-op Management - Strategic Management
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles:  N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE provides students with resources and opportunities that allow them to excel within UTSC. I chose The BRIDGE in order to make an impact and be a part of the departments continuous growth. In addition, this experience allows me to create connections and learn skills that are unique.
  • Fun fact: I won 1st place in the first case competition I entered!

Ali Rajabali

Special Marketing Content Developer

  • Program and Specialization: Co-op Management, Specializing in Marketing
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Marketing Intern at Canadian Turner Construction Company
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is UTSC's innovation and research hub. It helps students achieve their full potential and entrepreneurial goals. Being a part of the work that The BRIDGE does and having the opportunity in supporting various projects is very fulfilling. 
  • Fun fact: I am a Bollywood fusion/hip hop dancer and choreographer!