Student Staff

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The BRIDGE proudly employs students in both work-study and co-op positions.

Our student are valued members of our team who create real-world solutions for industry and community partners, launch events, create innovative marketing and communications, support peer-to-peer learning, and much more.

Covering a range of academic areas, students from all academic disciplines are welcome to join our team. Students learn skills ranging from data analytics, software development, program evaluation, communications, operations, project management, equity & inclusion, and more.

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Angelica Blake

The BRIDGE Senior Marketing & Communications Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: 

○ Nobellum--Marketing Coordinator

○ American Express--Commercial Marketing Intern

  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I was very attracted to the supportive and empowering work culture at The BRIDGE. I've also gained interest in the finance industry so I wanted to a part of our finance and data centre in any way that I could!
  • Fun fact: I love to bake and paint!


Hei-Yin Gianotti

The BRIDGE Student Assistant

Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because it offers an exceptional blend of academic excellence, innovation, and community engagement. The programs they offer align perfectly with my interests in finance and marketing. Additionally, I value the collaborative environment and mentorship opportunities, which are essential for my growth in marketing. The BRIDGE’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to societal impact make it the ideal place for me to achieve my goals and contribute meaningfully.

Fun fact: I love painting in my free time. 


Samarth Kataria

The BRIDGE Student Assistant

Past Co-op/Internships: OMERS, Trading Platforms Intern; Ontario Public Service, Business Analyst 

Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I wanted to be a part of a community that helps students pursue a career in Finance. 

Fun fact: I came to university at 17. 

Image of Zainab Qamar

Zainab Qamar

The BRIDGE Communications & Website Support Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Youth Council Member | Mississauga Lakeshore Constituency Youth Council
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Joining The BRIDGE allowed me to improve my technical skills and be involved on campus. It has created a friendly environment to grow my network and expand my knowledge in various technical fields. The collaborative atmosphere, workshops, and projects have enhanced my skills while forging meaningful connections!  
  • Fun fact: I love all sorts of literature! Talk to me about anyone ... from Geronimo Stilton to Virginia Woolf! 

amanda Suravanichsiri

Amanda Suravanichsiri

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I love working and being at The BRIDGE as I enjoy interacting and being around like minded students with the same passion for Data and Finance. I also like to use The BRIDGE lab to enhance my technical skills and be a well-rounded person. 
  • Fun fact: I love to dance, embroider and enjoy outdoor activities. 


Trinity Tran

The BRIDGE Student Assistant

Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Being at The BRIDGE has such a warm and welcoming community that has drawn me to want to get more involved and expand my network. With the resources available, I have had the opportunity to improve my technical skills and increase my market knowledge. Best of all, I get to work with a supportive and wonderful team at The BRIDGE. 

Fun fact: I play piano & volleyball and like to workout. 

Image of victor

Victor Wong

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because of how central it is to the business studies and work-integrated learning experience at UTSC.  Helping others fully immerse themselves in the vast array of financial tools, data resources, and co-curricular events offered at the University through The BRIDGE alongside a wonderful team of people is an incredibly stimulating experience.
  • Fun fact: I love exploring different parks and beaches, especially around Scarborough!

shizhe zhong

Shizhe Zhong

The BRIDGE Student Assistant

Past Co-op/Internships: RBC - Intern, Portfolio Advisory Group 

Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I have always been drawn to the incredible sense of community that The BRIDGE fosters. The collaborative atmosphere here is truly unique, and it is one of the aspects I love the most! 

Fun fact: I have a twin sister, and even though we're not identical, she's still my partner in crime!