Student Staff

Students helping each other in a finance and data lab

The BRIDGE proudly employs students in both work-study and co-op positions.

Our student are valued members of our team who create real-world solutions for industry and community partners, launch events, create innovative marketing and communications, support peer-to-peer learning, and much more.

Covering a range of academic areas, students from all academic disciplines are welcome to join our team. Students learn skills ranging from data analytics, software development, program evaluation, communications, operations, project management, equity & inclusion, and more.

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Picture of Ali Rajabali

Ali Rajabali

The BRIDGE Communications & Website Support Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Marketing Intern at Canadian Turner Construction Company
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? The BRIDGE is UTSC's innovation and research hub. It helps students achieve their full potential and entrepreneurial goals. Being a part of the work that The BRIDGE does and having the opportunity in supporting various projects is very fulfilling. 
  • Fun fact: I am a Bollywood fusion/hip hop dancer and choreographer!

Headshot of aaditiya

Aaditya Samant

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I saw that that BRIDGE was a state-of-the-art finance lab on campus with tech worth thousands of dollars. I chose to apply because opportunity will give me experience for the future, and more importantly - it sounded extremely fun!
  • Fun fact: I am a life long-suffering Arsenal F.C fan. 

Headshot of Muhammad Enrizky Brillian

Muhammad Enrizky Brillian

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: 

    • Data Analyst at PT. Kimia Farma
    • Data Analyst at Mulia Health Dental Care Group
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because it offers a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative space where business, research, and innovation converge.
  • Fun fact: I was the Small Forward on my highschool basketball team during my senior year!

Image of Amna Alvi

Amna Alvi

The BRIDGE Student Assisstant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Public Services and Procurement Canada; Business & Finance Assistant
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Opportunity to work with like-minded peers and gain experience in finance
  • Fun fact: I love exploring different places like obscure bookstores and weird museums.

Picture of Christina

Christina Bholaram

The BRIDGE Student Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: N/A
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I chose The BRIDGE because of the environment, it is a lovely place to be in. Also, The BRIDGE is full of many opportunities to become involved in, which is why I wanted to become part of this team.
  • Fun fact: I love to watch and play basketball, and I was a part of my elementary and middle school team.

Headshot of Gina Fong

Gina Fong

The BRIDGE Student Assisstant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: OMERS - Student Analyst, Global Equities
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? I wanted to introduce students to the numerous resources offered at the BRIDGE and assist patrons with their finance-related projects and events using
  • Fun fact: I love desserts and am always interested in trying new sweets!

Image of Zainab Qamar

Zainab Qamar

The BRIDGE Marketing & Communications Assistant
  • Past Co-op/Internship Roles: Youth Council Member | Mississauga Lakeshore Constituency Youth Council
  • Why did you choose The BRIDGE? Joining The BRIDGE allowed me to improve my technical skills and be involved on campus. It has created a friendly environment to grow my network and expand my knowledge in various technical fields. The collaborative atmosphere, workshops, and projects have enhanced my skills while forging meaningful connections!  
  • Fun fact: I love all sorts of literature! Talk to me about anyone ... from Geronimo Stilton to Virginia Woolf!